End Common Core in Massachusetts

I am a firm believer that all the common core standards do is dumb our kids down.  It also takes the teaching freedom away from the teachers.  They no longer can go on the cool side tangents that used to make a teacher stand out.  I had a teacher once who liked to teach us outside hands on.  Scrap the book and really let us get our hands dirty while we learned.  I look at some of this common core “stuff” and think, YIKES.  My son is 3 and he is brilliant.  I know all parents say that but he is doing kindergarten work.  Not because I force him but because he has a natural ability to learn.  I teach him at his pace but thanks to the government standards he can’t even start homeschooling until he is 5.5 years old.  by that point he will be ready academically for second grade.

I know by the time he is 8-10 years old his learning will start to level out with some kids his own age but if it doesn’t I don’t want him penalized because he is smart.  I am not teaching him common core BS because I believe it takes away from the student.

Let’s unite and END Common Core in Massachusetts!  join the Facebook page and sign the petition to get this repeal on the voting ticket.  We can END common core for good but we need to work as a solid unit.

What are your thoughts?

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