My Story

I found out I was pregnant when I was 24 weeks along.  It sounds crazy, right?  As a matter a fact I thought it was crazy too.  I used to joke “How could she not know she was pregnant?” with friends and I still joke about it.  I was using the Nuvaring faithfully (put one in, take out 28 days later & repeat).  I was never regular with my cycle from the day I started when I was 11.  Sometimes I was right on at 28 days and other times I was 190 days till my cycle would repeat, so to me a light period still counted as a period.  I had no symptoms until early October 2011 when I had 3 days of heartburn.  I had never had heartburn until then or if I did I didn’t know what it was and it went away on its own.  On a whim, I got a box of 3 pregnancy tests.   I was sure they would be negative.  I took all 3 in the box and all 3 instantly said “Pregnant”.  And when I say instantly I mean as soon as I pulled the stick up there were the 2 little lines.  I was guessing 12 weeks tops since that was about the time I went to the GYN for a cancer screening.  That doctor didn’t mention anything about me being pregnant and he should have known according to my midwife.

When we found out it was a huge shock for us, there were so many questions going on in our heads.  I am sure the same many parents have just on “code red” level of urgency.  When we found out we were having a boy and he was perfectly healthy we were so relieved.  Then we went into super planning mode with just over 3 months to plan and prepare for our little guy’s arrival.  It felt like we were on a crash course of pregnancy and birth; good thing we are both good students.  We read and shared so many books, blogs and websites on what to expect, what to do and how our little guy was developing.  I don’t feel like I really got to enjoy the time I was pregnant because it was so unexpected and a whirlwind of information.  This first ultrasound I saw he was fully developed.

To be Continued…

What are your thoughts?

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