Potty Training and Sensory Issues

We have been potty training for about a year now. I am ready to be done with diapers. I know my son can do this but he has sensory issues. I don’t even know how to get over this hurdle other than the hope that one day it will just happen.

He has no problem going potty with no accidents if he is completely naked.  He will stop playing, jump up and run to his potty.  He will pee and poop in his potty with no issue.  He detests the feel of undies and freaks out when I try to put them on him.  If he has pull ups on he will just pee and poop in them.

The worse part of this who process is that he doesn’t care if he is sitting in his poop, never has cared about it.  When he was a baby he never cried because he was wet or stinky.  I always had to go by his facial expressions and smell.  Now he is almost 3.5 years old.  I was feeling hopeful one day he asked to wear his undies and even had them on for about 2 hours.  I was asking him every 15 minutes if he needed to go potty and he did one time.  I noticed a wet spot on the carpet and asked him to come over.  Sure enough he had peed and kept on playing.  I didn’t scold him but I did take the moment to teach him that he needs to pee in his potty because big kid undies don’t hold pee.

I know he wont go off to college in diapers but it feels like a constant struggle potty training him.  I know he can do it but he wont.  Let the battle continue …

A Toddler’s Head is Like a Block of Concrete

I always knew my son had a hard head.  This evening I learned just how hard it is.  His head collided with my face as he jumped and fell full force in to me.  The result…  A trip to the Emergency Room for me, where my loving almost 3 year old tells the lady at the desk “I hurt my Mommy’s nose” followed by the demand of “Fix it …(pause) Mommy’s nose bleeding”.

When we get into the room I get the chair and he gets the bed…  He didn’t even share with me.  But mainly because my head hurt so much that I didn’t want to fight with him over me needing to relax.  After about an hour of waiting, playing trucks and listening to a toddler down the hall crying in pain, and the teen in the bed next to me whining like a 2 year old my little man needed to be taken outside.   His daddy is the best.  He has been sick for a couple days and insisted he take me to the ER, which I am grateful beyond words that he did.  He had to take our stubborn and misbehaving toddler out to the car to wait.  He drove him around to try to calm him down and that wasn’t working so he called me.  Thankfully right as he called I was waiting on my discharge papers and would be right out.

Earlier this evening he said the statement “I smash mommy’s face” with an evil little snicker like he was proud of it.  Thankfully, as I was writing that my little guy looks at me with angelic eyes and repeats “I smash mommy’s face with my head.  I’m sorry Mommy” and gives me a kiss.  I love this kid more than anything.  and this one is a story for his Baby Book “The Day I Broke Mommy’s Nose”

The result of my toddler’s concrete hard head colliding with my face:

1. a broken nose
2. possibly a tiny break in my cheek bone
3. bloody nose that is still bleeding almost 6 hours later.
4. swollen sinuses
5. blood draining down my throat. (YUCK)
6. a wicked headache that neither Tylenol nor Ibuprofen is helping to relieve.
7. a referral to an ENT for next week…

Language Skills of an Almost 3 Year Old

My son who is almost 3 is too smart for his own good sometimes.  On the flip side his language skills have helped to avoid many meltdowns and tantrums.  He is starting to read, which I welcome but now I have a hard time reading a book to him.  I suppose this is natural but I miss my little boy who would let me read him a story or 5 at bedtime.  I do find it absolutely amazing that he is starting to read to me at just shy of 3 years old.

How is this too smart for his own good?  Well, he is now picking up on words we spell so he doesn’t know what we are saying.  I really thought we would have longer in the coded parent spelling language days but oh well.  Today I spelled “I C E  C R E A M” to his daddy to see if he wanted some and the little bugger says to me “chocolate please.”  I proceeded to reach for an M&M and he says “NO Mommy, I want chocolate ice cream”  There is no fooling this little critter.  So much for the surprise dessert.

Parents who haven’t made it to this stage yet…  enjoy your time of being able to spell to communicate with your other half, or any other adult.  Once it is over it is a sad realization that your baby/toddler is not a baby/toddler any more they are now turning into complex little humans.

Autism is NOT a Stigma

I was told over and over “why are you going to early intervention” or “he is only 2, he is just being a boy” or “he just doesn’t like people”  WELL…  I am glad I finally stopped listening to people around me and went with my gut feeling.  So R is in the grey area of Autism so I really have no clue about children who are more on the spectrum than he is.  He is very high functioning and to someone who isn’t with him 24 hours a day he will seem fine.  But as the caregiver 24/7 I am the one who sees all these things.  I wish I would have done EI before now.  He has 3 short months with them before he turns 3 and they drop him from the program.  So, our primary focus it to get him adjusted to being in social settings with more than 3 children with out freaking out or playing in a corner by himself.  He was evaluated and it is nice to have someone who will work with him 2 days a week.  We have been blessed to be fast tracked in the system and he has been enrolled in 2 of the groups one which is run by our service advocate.  With luck they can also help get him into a good pre-school setting.  Primarily for the socialization.

For our little guy being very low level autistic is not a stigma but just a small hurdle he much work to overcome.  His social anxiety can be worked with now will hopefully help him when he is older.  Welcome to our new adventure…


Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!!

It is really amazing to think that 2 years ago I was in the middle of hard labor at this hour.  I was giving our little guy pep talks about how nice it would be to come out into the world and be with his Mommy and Daddy.  He was stubborn then and I should have realized it was just the beginning.  He is a strong-willed little toddler who has grown so much before our eyes.  He turns 2 today and the poor thing is sick.  We started his birthday celebrations last weekend to kick off his Birthday Week and with him being sick we have delayed the Grand Finale to his Birthday week giving him 2 weeks of birthday goodness.  LOL

Last year he had a double ear infection, thanks to his 1 year molars.  I would love to blame this bout of sinus and respiratory bug on his molars too but I am sure it is more a combination of the yo-yo weather from 40 degrees one day to 9 degrees the next and that we go to public play places all the time to run around.  So my poor little sicky pants spends another birthday sick.  bahhhh!!

Baby/Toddler Firsts of 2013

I am a couple of weeks behind on our “2013 milestones” but, here we go.  I am sure I have missed some milestones, but here are some big ones I can rattle off the top of my head.

Breastfed until 16.5 months, I would have gone longer but my body failed us. (bad boobies!!)

First “real” 2 word phrase – “bay kiki” (Bad Kitty)

First set of molars – January 2013 caused a trip to the ER and resulted in a double ear infection.

First “Big Boy” food- Spinach Feta Pie

First steps – Mid-June 2013 (17.5 mo old)

Recognize all Letters and point to them – 20 months old

First Letter learned and mastered – “E” 19 months old

Recognize numbers 1 – 20 and point to them – 20 months old

Recognize animals and point to them – 16 months old

By the end of 2013 he could say some animals, shapes, colors, about 50% of the alphabet, and numbers 1-10.  He can’t do them in order yet but we are working on that.

As of January 15, 2014 when asked “How old are you going to be?” or “how old are you?” he can reply “Two” and attempts to hold up 2 fingers.

Toddler Play Areas

Good Morning Blog readers!!  It is Monday morning and we are ready for another yoyo week of rain, snow, rain and more snow.  While mother nature has it in for us here in the wonderful state of Massachusetts with the temps bouncing between the 20’s and the 40’s we have a fun-filled week ahead.  Maybe I can witness my son doing something crazy again.  LOL

This past Saturday we  were at the local mall play area where I usually take him to play and burn some energy.  I love watching all the different children interact together.  It amazes me every time we go how many adults aren’t keeping an eye on the children they are there with.  They are playing with or talking on their phones.  In the meantime I have a toddler running around having a good time going through the tunnels and climbing into the cars and boats.  The thing that annoys me the most is when the unsupervised children are jumping off of one of the play fixtures.  It isn’t the jumping part as much as where they are jumping off.  They jump off over the tunnel holes.  I can’t count how many times I have had to either tell those kids to be careful there were toddlers and babies crawling through the tunnel.  I often wonder how much these kids get away with at home if they are so unruly and neglected in a public play area.  Sometimes I want to go up to the adults and ask them if they think it is ok for the child they are not watching to potentially jump on my baby, now toddler’s head.  I bite my tongue so far because when I ask the older kids to be careful they typically stop or at least look before jumping to make sure it is clear of littler kids.

The funniest thing I have seen my little guy do in the play area this weekend.  There was a little boy, maybe about 5 years old, starting to have a temper tantrum.  The little boy started to yell and scream with some tears because his adult told him it was time to leave.  So my little guy stops in his tracks while running around, looks at the little boy and yells at him with a growl like yell.  It really sounded like he was possessed by the demon in the exorcist.  Then my little one ran away squealing with delight.  The little boy stopped his tantrum like he was in shock, got down still sniffling, and went over to his adult to leave without a fight.  I have no idea what was said in that scary yell but it was enough to help calm the tantrum.  Now, if only I had a child to do that when my little guy is having a tantrum.  LOL

Halloween and a Toddler – Take 1

We went to the park for our annual mother’s group Halloween Party.  It was a little chilly at about 46 degrees.  BURRRR  Our little guy was warm and toasty in his Dragon costume.  We spent most of the time running around after him and trying to keep him out of the “big” kid play area, which was clearly posted “ages 5 and over”.  He wanted nothing to do with the toddler play area.  I tried to snap a bunch of pictures and he was so fast that 95% of them are him looking away or running past me.  I was able to catch this shot by sheer luck when I was walking up to them from putting our bag down.  We had a blast and can’t wait to have him running around in his little Dragon costume for Halloween Trick or Treat and our towns annual party at City Hall.

Daddy Chasing the Dragon Around the Park

Daddy Chasing the Dragon Around the Park

Proud to be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)

I just finished reading a blog about stay at home moms written by the husband of a SAHM.  I am inspired!!  I know my SO teases me about the toys everywhere when he gets home but he has seen the path of destruction as I pick toys up the little toddler monster comes behind me and destroys all the neatness.  But he knows I

The biggest complement I got was when we were visiting his Daddy at work he walked over to a sign pointed at the E and said “E” then proceeded to point to the A and say “A”.  He is 20 months old.  I work with him every day with numbers, colors, letters, shapes and so much more.  I treat every moment as a teachable moment.  He can sign more words than he can speak but I haven’t noticed any delay with speech as a lot of times he will say and sign at the same time a word.  When we are out for walks I do “show and tell” with him.  We see flowers and I say the color of the flower and point to it.  A lot of times it sounds like he is trying to copy me.

Do stay home Moms(or Dads) have it easier?  I think it is a wash.  Do I need a break?  Some days I love nap time so I can sneak in a nap too. And the tantrums… oh boy I know we are just getting started but they can be brutal.  Those days I think of how lucky Working moms have it sending their kids to daycare or having child care, someone else gets to deal with it.  Those are the moments the grass is greener, but they are very few and far in between.  I am glad to stay home with my little guy knowing I am teaching him and not a stranger.  For me, the best reward is watching him learn and blossom into such a bright little boy.

Leaps and Bounds … Our Little Guy is Amazing!!

People thought I was nuts when I was pregnant buying the little guy flashcards of colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet. Well…

I have done the alphabet cards (and the others as well) with R since he was about a year old (maybe sooner). I would tell his daddy what he was doing but the other day my heart melted. We went to visit daddy at work and I put R down so he could wander. He went to the “Paper Only” sign and pointed at the A and said “ah” then pointed at the E and said “ee”. He did it on his own with no coaching and he did it a few times. Yesterday when I showed him the “A” card he said “Ah”…”Ba”(for b)… “Ka”(like the cat minus the “t”).. “Da”.. “E” and clapped.

AMAZING how their brains are little sponges.

R is almost 20 months old 😀