Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!!

It is really amazing to think that 2 years ago I was in the middle of hard labor at this hour.  I was giving our little guy pep talks about how nice it would be to come out into the world and be with his Mommy and Daddy.  He was stubborn then and I should have realized it was just the beginning.  He is a strong-willed little toddler who has grown so much before our eyes.  He turns 2 today and the poor thing is sick.  We started his birthday celebrations last weekend to kick off his Birthday Week and with him being sick we have delayed the Grand Finale to his Birthday week giving him 2 weeks of birthday goodness.  LOL

Last year he had a double ear infection, thanks to his 1 year molars.  I would love to blame this bout of sinus and respiratory bug on his molars too but I am sure it is more a combination of the yo-yo weather from 40 degrees one day to 9 degrees the next and that we go to public play places all the time to run around.  So my poor little sicky pants spends another birthday sick.  bahhhh!!


Halloween and a Toddler – Take 1

We went to the park for our annual mother’s group Halloween Party.  It was a little chilly at about 46 degrees.  BURRRR  Our little guy was warm and toasty in his Dragon costume.  We spent most of the time running around after him and trying to keep him out of the “big” kid play area, which was clearly posted “ages 5 and over”.  He wanted nothing to do with the toddler play area.  I tried to snap a bunch of pictures and he was so fast that 95% of them are him looking away or running past me.  I was able to catch this shot by sheer luck when I was walking up to them from putting our bag down.  We had a blast and can’t wait to have him running around in his little Dragon costume for Halloween Trick or Treat and our towns annual party at City Hall.

Daddy Chasing the Dragon Around the Park

Daddy Chasing the Dragon Around the Park

Hair Donation to Children with Hair Loss (CWHL)

Last week I went to Great Clips for a hair cut.  My mother in law had mentioned about donating hair to the Locks of Love so I asked if they did that program.  They said they didn’t do Locks of Love but they did give hair to Children With Hair Loss (CWHL).

CWHL is an organization who accepts donated hair for children who have hair loss due to medical issues.  The organization was started in 2000 and provides hair replacement to all children at no cost to the family.  It started small by helping children fighting cancer have custom hair pieces.  It has now grown to help over 300 children a year suffering from a wide range of medical reasons for hair loss.

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I wanna drop and roll

Our little guy at 18 months old has already fallen in love with a Penny Board.  OH BOY!!!

Baby Seagull – Cute or Ugly?

We have baby seagulls outside our widows walk.  I can’t decide if they are ugly or cute.  They look like a bird mated with a leopard.  Their cries in the middle of the night sometimes resemble the sound Robert makes if he wakes up in the middle of the night.  Which of course wakes me up and I jump up only to realize it is those “blasted birds”, AGAIN.

Baby Seagull

Baby Seagull



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On the Move