Christmas is a Time for Giving

Well I am wore out and I still have 2 days of running around to do. I have driven around and picked up a lot of items people wanted to gift to families in need for this christmas season. I was inspired by a dear friend of mine and a post she put on one of our Facebook boards. We put others before ourselves and I am sure that is what makes us such good friends. It has been a very long time since I have had a close friend like this.

When I saw her post I noticed people had said that they had stuff but she doesn’t have a car to pick stuff up.  We happened to be getting stuff from the same person and I asked if she was giving stuff to my friend and told her I would pick it up at the same time.  At that moment I knew what would really mean a lot, pick up the items people were offering and then taking them to families in need.  Some I wrapped so the families wouldn’t have to try to do that as well and other requested no wrapping so they could do that.  Turns out there are more people who need at least one present to put under their tree than I ever thought there was.  My heart breaks because I know first hand how hard it is and the struggle of being a single family income.  But, in the end it fills my heart with great joy to know that I can help put a smile on a little child’s face just by taking a little of my time to pick up and drop off some things.

Christmas is a time of year when we should think of others not ourselves.  Give to others to see their joy and never expect anything back in return. Plus it is more fun to give than to get.  2 more days of pick ups and drop offs.  YAWN  This girl needs some sleep.


Catching up …

The last week has been a flurry of heat (temps near 95-100), failure, grumpiness, sadness, elation, and so many more events and emotions.  I failed with the AC installment but I now have 5 fans rotating the air around the apartment.  So far so good the average temp in the apt has maintained a high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit on the hot days.

Robert seemed to have seemingly endless days of poop explosions.  Poor kid, I was beside myself trying to get him to even eat something.  It was rough.  He wanted to be held, then he would want to be free to run around then  he wanted to snuggle…  it was a long week of separation anxiety to the MAX.  Finally he is eating normal and his poop is getting back on track with no explosions.  Before we left for the zoo Monday I made sure to pack 2 changes of clothes and extra wipes.  He had 2 explosive poops before we left, but to be on the safe side I left the change of clothes in his bag.  It was a nice outing with the other mom’s in our group and I am pleased that he didn’t have a major poop overflow until we got home and started playing.

I was at my wit’s end for a few days.  Absolutely nothing seemed to be going our way.  But the clouds have seemed to start breaking up.  I now have office space and have started working on new packaging ideas for my baby products.  I got a job working as a mystery shopper, which I will show the “How To” later in another post.  But I will say this.  It has helped me feel like I am helping out with the house even if it isn’t a lot of money it is something.

Robert is now walking like a champ but this also requires a lot more of my attention as he can now move around a lot faster and can get into more things.  Going to the park is a lot more fun now that he is walking.  I have started letting him climb up and go over to the slide and slide down all by himself like a big boy.  Of course I am right next to him as he climbs the steps, tots over to the slide and catch him at the bottom.  He has a blast.

This next week will be an exciting one as we start getting settled in the new office and really start to work with the 3D printing machine.

New Banner for Carbonated Baby

I was up tonight since I slept so much yesterday I can’t sleep now.  So I decided to make a new banner for my blog.  What do you think?

CB Banner

Blogging a Long Post


I have worked on a long post for the last 2 days.  It is a topic that is …  well, hard to even believe.  A spoiler alert…  it is about a case that happened here in Gloucester, Ma back in 2004 and has now entered the news yet again with a startling twist.  I have hoped that more details would be reviled as I write but no such luck yet.  just needed a little break from reading the atrocious details.  Stay tuned…  Issue date for the “Ripped from the Headlines” post is set for Saturday.

until then I keep reading case notes and really wonder how nuts some people really are and how anyone can hurt their own child the way they did.

I will post something fun tomorrow.

ALERT: Name Change and more…

Baby Lanes Cove is changing to Carbonated Baby.  The Baby Lanes Cove blog will stay up and running as “Carbonated Baby, Lanes Cove” until the transformation to Carbonated Baby is complete.

The reason for the name change:

I wanted to evolve to have a more catchy name that branches off the new business, Carbonated Thoughts.  I am going to branch out and create some crafty items to add to the mix of baby items I am making.  As soon as I get some new items completed and posted for sale I will blog about them and link the store website.


Our new store will include FREE SHIPPING for ALL products purchased.  Why are we offering free shipping to addresses in the United States for everything?  We believe the customer should only have to pay for the items they love the most and not for the shipping.  As a new business how are we able to do this?  Simple, we will ship items 2 days a week which will allow us to ship packages in bulk.

Thank you for taking the journey with us.  Please donate to help support my blog(please note your donation is not tax deductible .  I do not run ads on my blog to generate money.  If you are interested in having a link on my page I would be more than happy to add you to a “Links I Like” page(not yet created) for free in return for the same type of link on your page/blog.  10% of all the donations I receive I will give to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.  I have chosen St Jude’s because I am a cancer survivor and research that is done at St Jude not only helps children but the results can also help adults.  I believe research should start with children because they are our future.

GoFundMe – Update

I have reached 6% funded.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but that is HUGE.  It means I am only $40.00 short of getting my business license.  🙂  Thank you Ellen Leoni for helping fund my campaign.  🙂  Spread the word,  Click it, Share it, Fund it!!

GoFundMe 2013

GoFundMe Update

Well, we made it through the first day with a couple donations 🙂  Thank you to Freddie Hubbard and one of my “Mommy Friends”

I am having a little frustration with the design I am working on.  Maybe because I can be a bit of a perfectionist but I can’t get it just perfect.  So I will not post it until I have it just right.  I will be working on it again today during nap times.

GoFundMe is Active and Ready for Your Donation.

GoFundMe site is up and ready for your donations.  Visit and check out the rewards.  Remember this is Stage 1 – the “Getting Started Stage” and as soon as we reach our $1000.00 goal I will get started on Stage 2 – Production.

All rewards will be sent out with-in 7-14 days after the $1000.00 goal is met.

GoFundMe – Almost Ready to Launch

My initial GoFundMe Project is to cover the initial start-up cost for trademarking, supplies, licenses, and copyrighting.  The second stage will be more inclusive to product development.  So here is a quick breakdown of the costs I will have.

the trademark – $375

copyrights – $65

business license fees – $100

sewing machine & accessories – $120

fabric – $60

the cost of Limited Edition GoFundMe Supporter T-shirts & project fees – $280

Total start-up fees are $1000.00

I will post when we have reached a goal, document each task as we complete it, and post pictures of the progress we make along the way.  I look forward to taking this journey with you as I build and launch a new line of baby products.  There will be rewarded levels and if you just want to donate some money to the cause you can do that too.

Do you want to be a Guest Blogger?

I am looking for ways to spice up this blog and as I am new to this I am looking for some guest bloggers.  The more I have read and research I see guest bloggers all over the place.  I will post what you send to me and credit you for your work.  Right now I don’t have funds to pay for guest bloggers as I am just getting started.

Mommy bloggers do you want to link your blog to mine and mine to yours by sharing a post or 2?  Let me know via email