Fenugreek & My Milk Supply

I am on day 3 of using Fenugreek for increasing my milk supply.  My pills are 610mg each so I am working my way up to 10 pills a day.  I started with 6 the first day and 8 yesterday.  Today I start with 10, the full 6 grams recommended.

What I have noticed so far:

My milk supply has increased a little, I was able to pump only 1 oz of milk between both breasts in about 20 – 40 minutes before starting the fenugreek.  As of last night I was able to pump 2 oz between both breasts in 20 minutes.  My breasts are feeling fuller and aren’t hurting as much while nursing.  I have not read anywhere about this however I think it is helping the letdown not be so intense for me and my son’s latch seems to be improving as well which I contribute to his not having to work as hard to get milk.

With any luck this will continue to help and I will report back soon.