11 month old Gabriel has his 3rd open heart surgery resulting in full heart transplant


Gabriel’s Journey

Please help support The Reck Family in getting Gabriel the medical care he needs to keep his new hero heart beating and his body thriving. He has already made it through his first and second open heart surgeries at 6 days and 4 months old, and now a full heart transplant at 11 months old. He will need close monitoring and take medicine for the rest of his life just to live . . .

With 4 girls at home and over an hours drive back and forth to the hospital, funds are needed so the family can stay with Gabriel as much as possible while he recovers. His care will require time, specialized care, travel, appointments with many types of doctors and the support of those who love him!

Gabriel was born with a rare congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This condition means the left ventricle of the heart is severely underdeveloped. Basically, he only has half his heart working for him and ultimately should receive a heart transplant.

Please take the the time to give, even if it’s only $5. Every little bit will make a difference and be appreciated beyond words!

UPDATE – 3/22/15

Update from Gabriel’s mom (3/22/15): Sunday update : The main medication he receives for rejection, Tacrolimus, is still being adjusted to suit him. Dr.Lecuyer said he looks great and he is thinking Tuesday he should be ready to go to Ronald McDonald house. Once at the Ronald McDonald house (which is with in walking distance to hospital) he will come to the hospital twice a week to see the Cardiologist and he will also have PT, OT, & speech therapy either two or three times a week. At every cardiology appointment they will draw labs to check the levels of his medications and adjust them as needed, they will do an ekg & echo of his new heart as well at every visit.  (taken from the GOFUNDME page)


Stanley Kids Ripped from Their Loving Home & the Truth About MMS

This case is of personal interest to me as we have chosen to homeschool our son.  I know homeschooling isn’t the reason for this case but it is still scary to think that being a homeschool parent puts you under a totally different microscope than parents of kids who go to a public or private educational institute.  Being a parent who chooses homeopathic medical treatment over the more poisonous modern medicine treatments adds another concern.  It is sad to think that this can happen to any family that doesn’t fit the “normal” American ideals.

The officers of the Garland County Sheriffs Office ripped seven of the nine children still living at home away from Hal and Michelle Stanley on January 12th.  They were taken into custody on the accusations of an anonymous person’s report.  They acquired a search warrant for MMS and when it was found, without question or debate they ripped the children away from the parents.  The parents were made to stand in the cold with no coats for over an hour and not able to see or speak to their children.  They were not allowed to retrieve their phones and they were not allowed to call for a lawyer.

I want to put the focus on MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution.  I want to give the other side since everything that they will dig up and try to present will only be 1/4 of the truth.  They will focus on the negatives and not the positive and beneficial health aspects.  MMS solution sold by MMS Products International “is a mixture of 28% sodium chlorite that has been standardized within a distilled water base” making the chlorine dioxide.  This is not to be confused with chlorine or bleach.

What does it treat?

HIV/AIDS – when used for 3 weeks in a specific protocol it can be used to treat most cases with a high rate of successful curing.  It has successfully treated hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, and TB.  Most cancers respond well to the MMS treatment when following the correct protocols for the specific infection.  It is an alternative treatment for anthrax, which is excellent news for anyone who are allergic to the current treatment protocols.  It can safely and effectively treat various types of yeast, mold, fungi, viruses, and bacterial infections.  It can be used to treat ground water (well water) to make it safe to drink without the use of harmful chemicals.

My Opinion:

The FDA won’t endorse this as a medical treatment or medically beneficial treatment because of the fear it would take away from the pharmaceutical companies who line their pockets with money.  Just my opinion.

I do think this is amazing and find the facts to be very interesting.  Would I personally use it probably not because if you don’t follow the specific protocols it can be toxic, but so can just about anything we ingest.


Jim Humble’s Website, MMSDrops.com, MMS Products International

Question of the Day: Should Children be Banned from High End Restaurants?

This post is spawned for an article from NBC Chef Grant Achatz starts Twitter debate: Should babies be banned from high-end restaurants? by Tracy Saelinger (TODAY contributor).

I don’t think they should ban babies, it is up to the parents to be respectful of others who are dining. If the baby should get agitated or upset and cry, take a breather and walk with the baby. At 8 mo my son was still Breastfeeding so a quick boob fix was all he would need to nod back off again or at least relax and be in mommy milk trance for a while. With that said, my almost 2-year-old doesn’t understand “inside” voice yet. Personally, I would never dream of bringing him to a 3 hour, 18 course meal that cost over $200 per plate and you have to wait for weeks or months for a table.

If you can afford a restaurant that expensive then you probably have a full-time live in nanny that the kids can stay with. Or at least a full-time nanny/babysitter you can ask to stay late and pay them an overtime bonus. Do babysitters cancel, sure they do but then be the respectful parent and walk out when your baby starts to cry. If you are like most Americans and you can’t “normally” afford the restaurant then it is a “special” date night and you should enjoy your spouse/significant other/whoever you are with without babies and children.

We have not had a date night since R was born. We did attempt it once when the little guy was 5 months old but we were called back before our dinner was served. We take him everywhere, he has even been to an Irish Pub!! Of course it was for a late lunch, but he had a good time sitting at the table like a big boy, no high chairs there. He is a good baby/toddler and on the rare occasion when he gets a little loud(or has a tantrum) I excuse myself and take him outside for a cool down walk. Most times people give the look of sympathy as I walk by with a mad toddler.

All in all, maybe not ban babies but if the parents don’t get off their asses and take the baby out of the restaurant then definitely have the waiter politely ask them to take the baby outside until it has calmed down and is no longer crying. It is the parents who need to be respectful of others.

How Can a Mother Do This to Their Child and the Father?

I watched the Katie Show yesterday and I can honestly say I have never been more shocked.  Jason Patric came on to openly talk about his fight with his former girlfriend,Danielle Schreiber, to keep a relationship with  his 3.5 year old son, Gus.  They made the decision together to have this child as he reports.  How can a mother keep her child from the man who helped father her child.  Sure it was through IVF because the good old fashion bump and grind didn’t work, but does that really make him less of a father?  She had an intimate relationship with him before and after their son was born.  Sh allowed him to be in their son’s life until all of a sudden yanking him away.  I understand his wanting to shield his son from the press and kudos to him for doing everything to protect the little boy.  He is a true father to do so.

She is using his choice to shield his son from paparazzi against him.  I can’t help but keep asking “what kind of woman does this to her own son?”  I guess I could understand if the father was unknown, a random sperm bank donor, abusive, mentally unstable, or had a substance abuse problem but not a man who has been there since day one, able to provide (financially, physically and emotionally) and wants to be in his son’s life.  He has been in his son’s life since he was conceived and he has a bond with the child.  Danielle may think what she is doing is right but even at this early age he can keep these events in his subconscious.  He is ripping away his father, does she honestly think in these days and ages when he gets old enough that he won’t search his mother’s name on the internet and find all this information out on his own?  Does she think that her son wont resent her for what she is doing now?  She needs to consider the ramifications this will have on the child as he grows up.  Maybe other kids will learn what happened before he does and tease him about it.

Ms. Schreiber didn’t even have the guts to face Mr. Patric on the Katie show.  I understand that this is a private matter but at what point do you stop hiding behind a law that was written decades before IVF was common.  She sent a cold-hearted statement to the show giving no real reason for her swift attitude change.  What really happened in her mind only she and her shrink (if she does or ever sees one) but no one will ever know.  What she is doing to Jason and their son is wrong in so many ways but it is also opening the door for new legislation to be put in place to protect the fathers who give their sperm to a loved one (wife, girlfriend, or friend) with the intention of being in the child’s life.

Predator Alert in Ocala, Fl (vehicle plates from Ohio)

White Ford Ranger - Ohio Tag # PHG 5832

White Ford Ranger – Ohio Tag # PHG 5832

The driver of this White Ford Ranger Ohio (Tag # PHG 5832) is morbidly obese, white Male, between 30 – 40 years old.  He was walking around the yard looking at the house of a friend of mine in Ocala, Florida. (the house is not for sale)  My friend has 2 small children under the age of 3.  When she went outside to ask him what he was doing he got into the vehicle and sped away.  If anyone has seen this vehicle please let me know and/or alert your local police.  My friend nor her husband knew who this person was.  Her mother’s intuition gave her the feeling that he is a predator or stalker of some sort.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE …  THIS IS NOT A SPAM POST…  Please pass this along and help keep my friend and other’s in the area safe.  Thank you.

White Ford Ranger - Ohio Tag # PHG 5832

White Ford Ranger – Ohio Tag # PHG 5832

The Great Aaron Hernandez Jersey Exchange of 2013 – July 6th & 7th

On July 6th & 7th the Patriots will make a mark in their history books by offering an exchange for #81 Aaron Hernandez jerseys.  There are a few rules for exchanging a jersey.  The Patriots are encouraging parents to come down and exchange the jerseys for another team member because they understand how children like to wear the jersey of their favorite team and some parents wont want their child sporting a Hernandez jersey in light of all the charges brought against him.

Jersey Exchange Rules:

  1. The jersey must have been purchased from the Pro Shop or from the Pro Shop online.
  2. NFL Official Jerseys from the Pro Shop are NIKE or REEBOK only (no receipt of purchase required)
  3. Only 1 Hernandez jersey per person may be exchanged.
  4. The exchange must happen in person at Gillette Stadium at the Patriots Pro Shop ONLY during normal business hours.
  5. You may exchange the Hernandez jersey for any other patriots player of equal or lesser value.
  6. Only valid for in stock Jersey’s ONLY – No special orders/requests allowed.
  7. The Patriots ProShop reserves the right to make all determinations regarding program validity. All determinations are final.”

Hours of Operation:
Sat July 6, 2013 – 10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday, July 7, 2013 – 10:00am to 7:00pm


This is an excellent idea.  I feel bad for the parents who may have come to New England to see a game yet can’t get back to exchange the #81 Hernandez jersey they may have bought while at a game or in the area.  I think it benefits local fans more than the broad spectrum but over all this offer goes over the top with compassion and understanding for their fans.  I think it is a marvelous thing they are doing by allowing people to pick another team member’s jersey in place of Aaron Hernandez.  This could be seen like a chance to “pick your new favorite player”.

What I would like to know after all the #81 Hernandez jerseys are collected is “Who’s jersey got picked the most to replace Hernandez?”

BREAKING NEWS: Hernandez Finally Arrested & Charged with MURDER 1

About an hour and a half ago (8:30am est) Hernandez has been officially arrested.  As the day goes on I will be updating with more information as it is released.  The police are not releasing the charges Hernandez has been arrested for.  The details will be released as soon as he is arraigned in an Attleboro court.  This is a sad day for Tom Brady and the Patriots but a good start for the justice system to move in the direction of proper investigation & punishment.  Maybe there will be an impartial jury out there that will see the facts not his fame in what ever case is brought against him.


I would say someone is having an epic bad day.  He has been officially released from his contract with the Patriots.  They released a statement that said they felt it was the right thing to do and they extend their sympathy to the family and friends of the murder victim.


The police did a great job building the evidence and as I am updating the blog I am watching his arraignment and he looks proud of his actions.  he has a smirk on his face like he is holding back a laugh.  I am not surprised by the charges as I thought he was guilty the moment the news broke about his involvement in a cover-up attempt.  Due process still needs to be served.  I know I said it before but I really hope he doesn’t get away with this murder.  The recount of events is sad.  He is also charged with possession of illegal firearms, orchestrating the crime and trying to conceal it after the fact.  HE WILL BE HELD WITHOUT BAIL!!


Are Tebow’s Prayers to God Saving Hernandez Once Again?

It appears that God has answered Tim Tebow‘s prayers and he will have a spot on the Patriots after all.  Thanks to his former Gator teammate and current, for now, Patriots teammate, Aaron Hernandez.  Hernandez allegedly has a warrant for his arrest issued for murder and could be taken into custody as I am blogging this, who knows.  This isn’t his first shooting he has been involved in it is the 3rd that I know of.

Pre-Pro Football – (heck when you are a Gator you might as well say you are a semi pro.  LOL)

I was living and going to school in Gainesville, FL when the 2007 incident occurred.  I remember there being a shooting that involved the gators and the jaguars and thought Hernandez’s name was one of the former Gators to be on the suspect list.  It took a lot of digging before I finally found some of the original news reports. (now a day later it seems to have cracked wide open with those reports everywhere)  Hernandez, 2 other former Gators, and former Jacksonville Jaguar player, Reggie Nelson, were questioned about a shooting.  The shooting took place after the gators lost a game to one of the rival teams.  It was never released if there was underage drinking involved, my guess is maybe not.  It was about 2:30 in the morning when shots were fired.  Initial reports place Hernandez and 2 other former Gator players at the scene of the crime.  None of them were charged with any wrong doing or crimes.  I remember being so appalled that the police let these guys off and thought how nice it must be to play football for such a powerful school and to have wealthy friends to pay your way out of trouble.  But the 2 injured men didn’t get justice.  Or, maybe it wasn’t money that saved him and his fellow gators that day, maybe it was the power of prayer and an act of God.

Enter Pro Football Years

The media began focusing on a case from this past February where he was in an argument, pulled a loaded gun on someone while they were in a car and it accidentally went off.  Mainly because shortly after the murder was reported the details of this case emerged and   The police in that investigation don’t know if the shot was an accident or intentional but I will take a good guess that it was no accident.  But, you know, maybe it was the gun’s fault for being in Hernandez’s hand.  There is a lot of controversy around this claim to begin with in my opinion.  The police closed the investigation months ago because the victim wasn’t being helpful to their investigation and Hernandez wasn’t mentioned in the official police report.  Yes, that could have been an officer over sight or even a case of “here is a few grand if you keep my name out of this report” even though there were witnesses that place the 2 men together at the time of the incident.

Current Murder Case (from my point of view)

Lets start with the evidence that has been leaked/given to the press:

  1. Victim was dating the sister of Hernandez’s “baby mama”
  2. Victim was found shot within 1 mile of Hernandez’s home
  3. The car the victim was found near was rented by Hernandez
  4. Hernandez allegedly destroyed his own security system and cell phone
  5. Hernandez and the victim had been seen in an argument earlier
  6. Hernandez hired a cleaning crew for his house the day the body was recovered
  7. Hernandez is showing no signs of sorrow over the death of him “friend”

That is just what I can come up with off the top of my head, I am sure there are more pieces of evidence that the police have that the public doesn’t know about.  From the looks of it, he needs to stand trial before a jury of his peers.  If a jury can acquit him and sleep at night believing they made the right choice then that is what needs to happen.  Not this wishy-washy BS that the police are pulling about getting an arrest warrant for Hernandez and then recanting that the did.  Are the cops out there so corrupt that they will let a murder suspect walk just because he plays football for the patriots and has money to pay them to “make this go away”.  Because from where I see and how I interpret the actions of the police and the evidence that has been leaked the man needs to stand trial and have a fair hearing.  If there wasn’t already a past riddled with gun violence I might be able to believe that someone was framing him but until that evidence is leaked Hernandez will be nothing more than a spoiled rich football player who is capable of murdering someone in the heat of the moment and so immoral that he will bribe his way out of trouble, again.  If he stood trial and evidence came out that would clear his name, wonderful but if not, then justice should be served.

::UPDATE::  As of 5:45 pm, June 22, 2013 police left Hernandez’s home with 15 bags of evidence.  Who’s guilty now???  Makes ya go, HUMMM

Come to think of it there isn’t much difference between a mobster and a football player.

Moral of the Story:

If you are a famous football player with lots of money you can do whatever you want because you are like Teflon, nothing will stick to you even when all the evidence points to you being guilty.  Or maybe Tebow really does have a direct link to God and gets all of his prayers answered…

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Banning Baby Bottles… Is this a smart move for Venezuela? I think……….

A heated debate and a hot topic, the importance of breastfeeding.  I am very open-minded about breastfeeding and a mother’s choice.  Some moms think it is gross or just don’t want to breast feed their baby for what ever reason they have and some mom‘s don’t have a choice about breastfeeding their babies because their bodies wont produce milk.  I have heard some people say that it is not possible but I have friends that tried everything even controversial prescription medications to get breast milk and nothing.  Not to mention my struggle to supply my baby with breast milk.  I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have bottles to feed my son the milk I had pumped for him.  Pumping was one way I was able to keep my supply up.  And since I had low supply I sure as heck was NOT going to dump it.

I understand a government wanting to promote breastfeeding.  Like our hospitals in MA have lactation consultants(LC) to help new moms in  the first moments and days of life by being available for hands on help.  I don’t know what I would have done with out the support and help of my LCs when my supply dipped.  Our hospitals have also gotten rid of the formula care packages they send home with new moms, or maybe they just don’t give them to Exclusively Breastfed Babies(EBB).  Breast is best because the mother’s body has nourished the baby from the time it was first conceived, it is natural for it to keep nourishing the baby for as long as the baby needs.  When I thought about breastfeeding there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to have an exclusively breastfed baby.  I wanted to breast feed for many reasons.  Obviously it is the most complete nutrition my baby could receive and it was FREE.  But my mom breastfed me and I have always thought that breastfeeding is a natural part of being a mom.  From the moment I first put Robert to my breast he suckled it like he was a pro.  It was natural on both ends.

It is argued that the bond between a mother and a breastfed baby or a bottle fed baby is different.  I don’t think that the physically being attached to the breast makes the bond stronger between mother and child but it does make the emotional aspect of providing life for your baby a deeper emotional feeling for the mother.  I loved everything about breastfeeding, the cuddling him close, watching his little face relax as he started to enter the milk induced sleep, the peacefulness of our mommy-baby time and the feelings that go with breastfeeding that words can’t describe.  My friends who either chose to or had to bottle feed their babies are just as close with their babies as I am with Robert.  The cuddled their little ones close, watched their faces change as they got full and got to have the same mommy-baby bonding time.

So to the point of the banning the use of baby bottles…  That is just ridiculous.  All that will do is promote black market baby bottle dealing not breastfeeding.  Plus, some moms have over-supply and have to pump to help their body regulate milk production (how I wished I was a mom with over-supply).  If those mom’s don’t have bottles to put their milk where will it go?  Are they supposed to throw it away?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  If I ever for any reason had to discard any breast milk I felt like I was throwing away liquid gold.  Banning baby bottles will not solve their wish to promote breastfeeding.  I think the Venezuelan congress is taking this WAY TOO FAR!!

Tim Tebow to the Pats???

As a former GATOR and Gator Fan I am excited to hear the news that Tebow will (not official until later today) be coming to the New England Patriots.  I was more than a little disappointed to hear how he was sulking like a preschooler who didn’t get their way when he was over looked for the starting Quarterback position with the Jets.  I never did understand why he didn’t choose the Pats in the first place.  Oh sure, I get he wanted to be a start QB but that only happens when you can play ball with the big boys like a big boy.

I am excited to see what will unfold as a new era of Pats football begins.  I am going to be the gator fan who puts a Tebow Pats Jersey on Robert’s wish list for his birthday that’s for sure.  I will give a final update to the post when I return this afternoon with the final verdict of Tebow’s move to the Patriots.

Bring on the Tebow Mania to NE.  Now I won’t feel so bad that we named Robert’s lamb Tebow knowing he will be on the Patriots and not on the Jets.