Breastfeeding Wednesday – Playtex Breast Pump Review

Playtex Electric Double Breast Pump

This is my second favorite breast pump.  I have tried many types and brands.  I like the cushions on the cups.  They helped the cups feel more comfortable while pumping.  Because they were soft my breasts didn’t get sore. I spent many hours a day hooked up to the pump so comfort was one of my top priorities.

I liked that when I was pumping I was pumping into the bottle liner. I would then transfer the milk to a storage container but the liners took out one part in need of sterilization. For moms who will be pumping for their significant other, or someone else, to feed the baby it is perfect. You can assemble the bottle after pumping and store appropriately.

The ability to control the suction was wonderful. I was able to adjust it to the flow of my milk. No two pumping sessions were the same. There is also the ability to pump one breast at a time which worked nicely if my son would nurse on only one side or if I felt fuller on one side.

Breastfeeding Wednesday – Sore Nipples

Sore Nipples…  WOW  I remember those.  When I started nursing my nipples would be sore.  Mainly because I never breast-fed before and the little guy was new to eating.  I thought once he got a good latch the soreness would go away and sometimes it seemed like it did.  Here are some things I did to help relieve the pain and what types of pain I was having.

Chapped Nipples – It seemed like the little guy lived on my boobs for the first 4 months of his life.  When my nipples would get chapped I used nipple butter at first, mainly because it was a baby shower gift.  But after joining a mommy support group one of the moms said how she used coconut oil.  I thought that sounded weird but what the heck I needed relief.  I went to the store and bought a jar of organic extra virgin coconut oil.  It worked fabulously, my nipples were softening up and I wasn’t worried about harmful chemicals on my skin or my little guy ingesting it.

Sore from Breastfeeding – Cool compresses worked wonders.  If the hospital I was given 2 circular gel filled pads I could use to help elevate the soreness.  When those wore out I went to the dollar store and bought 4 round kiddie ice packs.  I put them in the fridge to make them cold because I didn’t want them to be frozen.  On the plus side, I now have 4 ice packs for the kiddo when he falls and gets a bump.

Diet Changes – A friend suggested adding more citrus and vitamin C into my diet.  So I ate more Kale, Broccoli (that made my little one have gas), oranges, lemons, pineapple and limes.  Not sure if it helped or just helped to keep me healthy.

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Breastfeeding Wednesday – A Question from a Dad

Today’s letter comes from Ron.  It is nice to see a dad writing in.

Dear Dawn,
My wife is breastfeeding our first born and I feel left out.  Not just from the baby’s life but from my wife’s life as well.  Is there anything I can do to be more involved or feel more involved?

Dear Ron,

Thank you for your question.  There are a few ways to feel more involved.  I would nurse everywhere in the house.  Sometimes my fiancee would be sitting next to me and we would hang out.  When my milk supply started to drop he helped by helping me relax.  He helped massage my breasts gently.  It wasn’t a sexual thing but it helped him still have contact and helped my milk let down.  I would also pump a lot of milk and he would give our son bottles from time to time.  There were times I would be nursing in bed and he would gently massage our sons head.  It was tender and sweet.  I am amazed at how much just those little things meant to me.  One of the nicest things he would do was get our son if he was crying and bring him to me.  It was something small but sometimes those little actions mean more than flowers or gifts.

As for the sexual aspect.  I always laughed and said I didn’t understand why parents have less sex.  Why should having a baby hinder sex.  WOW, was I in for a shock.  LOL  It is amazing how priorities shift and being intimate shifts to cuddle time and relaxing together.  We are both so tired at the end of the night during the week that we pass out  before our sex drives kick in.  I will give you some hope, intimate time gets much easier  once the baby sleeps through the night.

Breastfeeding Wednesday – Working Mama

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I was contacted by Shoele of the Working Mama Project.  She has read my personal blog about breastfeeding and has shared with me her wonderful project.

I see that you write a lot about breastfeeding and think that this project might be an interesting topic for you. I have made photo project called Working Mama with focus on the beauty and nature of breastfeeding. I hope that you would like to support my project.
Best regards,

She is putting together a coffee table book with photos of Mother’s breastfeeding.  I admire what she is doing as to me it seems so beautiful to see a mother breastfeeding her baby.  In other countries Breastfeeding isn’t shameful like it is made to feel here in the US.  I will admit I was a mom who was proud to breastfeed in public.  For the most part I used a cover but when the little guy grew so he didn’t like them I nursed without one.  I am excited to see Shoele’s dream of having a coffee table book come true.  Check out her video and her crowd-funding page.  Even if you don’t give, it is interesting to share in her dream.  I look forward to the release of her book.

On a personal note: I often look at breastfeeding mamas with such awe and I smile at them.  When my supply started to drop seeing a mama breastfeed with ease would make me sad because I wished breastfeeding was an easy venture for me.  Oh but was it ever hard yet so rewarding and special.  Words can’t describe the love I have for breastfeeding.  I know many moms who wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t for one reason or another.  I also know moms who never had the wish to breastfeed yet they all were supportive of my decision to breastfeed as long as possible.

In support of the Working Mama Project here is my favorite picture of breastfeeding my son.  Our youngest cat liked to lay behind our son as he breastfed until he got too big, then she would lay at my feet or on my legs.  To this day she sleeps next to his crib at night and for naps.  On occasion she will sleep in our room with us.

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My Favorite Breastfeeding Moment

My Favorite Breastfeeding Moment

Breastfeeding Question Wednesday – “Help My boobs are leaking!”

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I was asked this in an email and would like to respond here so more people can benefit from my answer.

“I am a first time mom and I am exclusively breastfeeding.  I pump between feedings but my boobs are leaking milk.  Do you have any suggestions how to stop it or what to do? Thanks, Leah”

Dear Leah,

Thank you for asking this question.  I had a similar thing happen a couple of weeks after I had my son.  I did a couple of things to help with the leaking but it eventually cleared up in time.  I noticed my breasts would leak every time my son cried or if I was just a little over the time of a feeding.  I took a cloth diaper insert and cut it to make pads for my nipples.  This worked great.  They were super absorbent and wicked away the milk so my nipples didn’t get chapped or overly wet.  Not to mention it was much more cost-effective than using disposable nursing pads.  When I was out in public and the little guy wasn’t hungry I would excuse myself, run to the bathroom, make toilet paper pads and cross my arms like I was giving myself a hug with the heel of my hands on my nipples.  Like plugging a leak in a pool.  This helped a little but I think it was more for my peace of minds than anything.  I was lucky that this all occurred in the winter when I was able to throw on a sweater to hide my leaks.

If your issue with leaking is due to an over-supply then most likely it will continue until you are finished breastfeeding.  I didn’t have over-supply so I can’t give you a first hand review or experience but I know some mom’s who did and they bought a neat nipple shell that collected the milk they leaked.  They were able to put the collected milk in a bottle or bag and save it for a later feeding.

I hope this helps with your milk leakage and it stops for you soon.

Dawn Leoni – a former EBF Mommy


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Moringa – End of First Week

So far everything has been going well with the Moringa. I have noticed other benefits as well as the slight increase in milk supply. However even a slight increase in milk supply for me is a HUGE deal. I have been able to pump an additional 1-2 oz a day for the last couple of days. My milk doesn’t seem to be as thick and is coming out easier. This makes me a happy Mommy.
I should also note that I was very sick this past week with a sinus infection. Today is my last day on antibiotics. I am not sure if that has slowed the reaction time of the Moringa or not. I have felt that since starting the Moringa last week I have continued to have more energy through out the day. I just got the results back from my full blood panel workup from the doctor as well. My blood was drawn before I started taking the Moringa and I was told my vitamin D was low. Of course I am wondering why it is so low because I am drinking about 3 glasses of milk, eating about 3-4 oz of yogurt and eating about an oz of cheese a day. I am sure I eat other things fortified with vitamin D as well. It will be interesting to see how my blood work comes out in 6 months when I have repeat testing done.

Stay tuned about the Moringa as I will update at least once a week from this point on just to touch base and document how things are coming along.

Fenugreek & My Milk Supply

I am on day 3 of using Fenugreek for increasing my milk supply.  My pills are 610mg each so I am working my way up to 10 pills a day.  I started with 6 the first day and 8 yesterday.  Today I start with 10, the full 6 grams recommended.

What I have noticed so far:

My milk supply has increased a little, I was able to pump only 1 oz of milk between both breasts in about 20 – 40 minutes before starting the fenugreek.  As of last night I was able to pump 2 oz between both breasts in 20 minutes.  My breasts are feeling fuller and aren’t hurting as much while nursing.  I have not read anywhere about this however I think it is helping the letdown not be so intense for me and my son’s latch seems to be improving as well which I contribute to his not having to work as hard to get milk.

With any luck this will continue to help and I will report back soon.

Low Milk Supply

I have a slow supply of breastmilk it seems.  A couple of the Mommies in my mommy group have had wonderful success with fenugreek and I am going to try it.  I have the pill form and was wondering how much to take here is what I found.

How Much do I Need to Take?

Fenugreek Capsule Form (580-610 mg)

2-4 capsules, 3 times per day — 6-12 capsules (total) per day 1200-2400 mg, 3 times per day (3.5-7.3 grams/day) (3) German Commission E recommends a daily intake of 6 grams (4)

I will keep you posted as to my success.