Movie Review Monday – Locke

Movie Rating ♥♥♥♥♥+ (5+/5) Movie Trailer Posted below

This is a good film. Love that it takes place in a car. Set fees are kept low by it being filmed in a car. His decisions are long and you can see his personal turmoil as he makes these decisions. The first reason I thought the decision was is shockingly not the real issue being debated.  In the end it is one thing that makes everything ok…  This movie was amazing that it held my interest throughout the movie since it is just a guy driving in a car while his whole life crumbles around him and he can’t do anything but keep telephone communication open.  There are aspects that make you wonder if he is sick, tired, suicidal or just loosing it.  AMAZINGLY written and preformed.

Any movie that can hold my attention while chasing a toddler and it only has one main scene repeating on what seems like an endless loop behind the actor.

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