New Neighbors and the Disturbances Begin…

So my non-believer in ghosts love just asked to sleep with the lights on. HAH umm I made a smart comment “I wonder how long before the new neighbors see the resident entities. (mind you he has seen and acknowledged the “ghost cat” we have.)

He says “huh?”

I reply “Didn’t I tell you about Kelly, the Virgin Mary, her rosary and the ghost woman standing over her bed one night?”

He says “aah NO!!”

I was like “oh, ok”

Then he comments “So are you going to tell me now”

… needless to say, I told him and now he is creeped out. HAHA  Something heavy and clangy dropped above us(there is nothing above us but our drop ceiling) and he exclaims “I heard a noise, I am going to get Bobby!”

I said “Bobby’s fine”

Then I get told “If he so much as sneezes I am bringing him in here with us.”

HAHAHA So much for my non-believer. ❤ I love him.  Then I reminded him of the first night we put Bobby to bed in his room alone and we heard very loud and clear “HEY!” in the baby monitor.  HAHA  He says, “we are moving ASAP”

I mumbled “you don’t think there are ghosts in NY?”

I am still silently laughing.

Birthday Wishes

I really wanted to sleep in this morning.  That didn’t happen…  The little guy decided to wake up at 5am.  OH BOY!!!  I can’t wait until he is old enough to understand the concept of sleeping in.  YAWN…  Well, that is my birthday rant.  Nap time for us both now. 🙂  It is a beautiful day what more (other than sleeping in) can a lady ask for?


How is Your Monday? (do not read if you gross out easily)

Well, so far my Monday has been SHITTY!!! And I mean that literally.

First Robert did the biggest fill your diaper and then some … TIMES 2.

When I got him down for a nap and had to pee really bad.  I raced into the bathroom opened the lid to…  Now, I am not going to point fingers here but someone poo’d this morning and left me the “mess”.  Meaning I thought he just forgot to flush, no big deal right. WRONG!!  He flushed alright and what ever he flushed has backed up the toilet so much that not even plunging has worked.  I even had to scoop feces water out of the toilet into a small garbage can so I could plunge because about 2/3 a gallon flowed over the edges and on to the floor.  I plunged for about 20 minutes while trying not to gag to death


So I have called the landlord (thank God we rent) and he will come over with a toilet snake and try to unclog the toilet.  So the little guy is napping peacefully, all the tenants have left the building and I still have to pee so bad.  As soon as he wakes up we are heading to his daddy’s work so I can use their bathroom.

I have used ALL the towels we have to soak up all the “water” so now I can’t even take a shower.  Now our Monday will be spent at the laundry mat because our building doesn’t have hot water in the laundry room.

This is worse than changing poop filled cloth diapers by far.


Calgon Take Me Away PLEASE

I feel like my day today would make a perfect commercial for Calgon Bath Bubbles.  Here is a sniplet of my day…

Wake up and hit snooze than before the alarm goes off the little guy sequels and is awake.  I pull myself out of bed and start our morning routine. ~~  Change diaper, bring him to the living room make his daddy coffee and him a cup of milk while I get his breakfast ready.  Go to make PBJ for daddy and no bread. STRIKE 1 daddy leaves for work LO plays for a bit while I re-arrange the living room.  takes his nap and I pick up his mess.

When he gets up from his nap we head to the store to get daddy his lunch and some bread.  We were in line at the sub part of the store when this guy (maybe in his mid to late 60’s) was chatting up the guy ahead of us.  When the food prep guy was finished with that guys sub he asked Who’s next while looking at that other guy even though he knew we were there first.  Before I could say anything that guy jumped right in. STRIKE 2  So I wasn’t so nice, and when my LO got loud I didn’t even bother shushing him.  I just explained that there are rude people every where and some people feel like they are entitled.  I also told him he better never be as rude as that guy and if he sees a woman with a child he should never cut in front of them.  So the food prep guy finished that sub order and looked past us and asked who is next while looking at the person diagonal from us.  At this point I spoke up and said “No one will cut in front of us again, we have waited over 20 minutes for you to get our sub order.”  After he finished our sub I went to the woman who normally helps us and she got the little guy’s and my lunch ready and asked how we were today so I told her about the short version and how I wished she was over there still.

When we got home we had lunch and played our alphabet game for a while then it was nap time.  I put him in his crib and he was fine for about 10 minute then he was screaming and crying like someone just stole his favorite monkey…  oh he threw it out of the crib so I handed it back and told him “night night .. I love you”  he was fine for 5 minutes and again..  I went in after 20 minutes of him carrying on and got him out.  then it was like he was possessed.  he was a royal terror.  so tired but didn’t want to nap.  When I came back  up stairs from getting the laundry there he was pleased as could be with the wipes dumped out of the box and ripped apart.  I should have taken a picture but I wasn’t amused.  It was our last box of wipes.  STRIKE 3

So I thought that was the end of my horrible day once I put him to bed for the night. NOPE!!!

I have nothing against motorcycles but WTF do people feel the need to go wide open with their loud a$$ bikes in a residential area so late. I am not talking normal motorcycle noise, I am talking so loud my deaf in 1 ear self could feel the house shake and hear it over the TV with the windows SHUT. The MF woke up R and pissed me off. And now the guy is looping again ARE YOU EFING KIDDING ME!!!!!!

GOOD NIGHT!!!!  I wish we had a tub because I really need a nice long hot bath…

Applying High School Math to Current “Invasion” Events

Here is how to apply those high school math skills that most kids say “I will never use this in real life”.  Little did we know we use logic skills all the time.  Here is how it applies to the invasion of Syria Drama.

It makes no sense to attack Syria and defend the same people who are seen as a threat to this nation.  A bit hypocritical if you ask me.  Not to mention that China is against it and we borrow money from them all the time to keep out over paid “lawmakers” in their cozy lifestyle (among other ridiculous spending).

Common logic is:

1. China doesn’t support attacking Syria

2. The US borrows money from China

SO…since 1 and 2 are both true we can conclude:

It is also true that If the US attacks Syria then China will cut off all funding to the US.

Meaning, if we want to keep our nations strong we don’t bite the hand that feeds us!!

How Can a Mother Do This to Their Child and the Father?

I watched the Katie Show yesterday and I can honestly say I have never been more shocked.  Jason Patric came on to openly talk about his fight with his former girlfriend,Danielle Schreiber, to keep a relationship with  his 3.5 year old son, Gus.  They made the decision together to have this child as he reports.  How can a mother keep her child from the man who helped father her child.  Sure it was through IVF because the good old fashion bump and grind didn’t work, but does that really make him less of a father?  She had an intimate relationship with him before and after their son was born.  Sh allowed him to be in their son’s life until all of a sudden yanking him away.  I understand his wanting to shield his son from the press and kudos to him for doing everything to protect the little boy.  He is a true father to do so.

She is using his choice to shield his son from paparazzi against him.  I can’t help but keep asking “what kind of woman does this to her own son?”  I guess I could understand if the father was unknown, a random sperm bank donor, abusive, mentally unstable, or had a substance abuse problem but not a man who has been there since day one, able to provide (financially, physically and emotionally) and wants to be in his son’s life.  He has been in his son’s life since he was conceived and he has a bond with the child.  Danielle may think what she is doing is right but even at this early age he can keep these events in his subconscious.  He is ripping away his father, does she honestly think in these days and ages when he gets old enough that he won’t search his mother’s name on the internet and find all this information out on his own?  Does she think that her son wont resent her for what she is doing now?  She needs to consider the ramifications this will have on the child as he grows up.  Maybe other kids will learn what happened before he does and tease him about it.

Ms. Schreiber didn’t even have the guts to face Mr. Patric on the Katie show.  I understand that this is a private matter but at what point do you stop hiding behind a law that was written decades before IVF was common.  She sent a cold-hearted statement to the show giving no real reason for her swift attitude change.  What really happened in her mind only she and her shrink (if she does or ever sees one) but no one will ever know.  What she is doing to Jason and their son is wrong in so many ways but it is also opening the door for new legislation to be put in place to protect the fathers who give their sperm to a loved one (wife, girlfriend, or friend) with the intention of being in the child’s life.

Me vs The AC 2013

Round 1 – Me 1   A/C 1

Our windows are huge, they take up 3/4 of the height of a wall.  The screens are the full window instead of the classic 1/2 window style and they are not easy to get out.  The first window in the living room was not so bad.  Then I get to the baby’s room.  It is hard enough getting that screen out but Robert crying in his crib because I don’t want him to get hurt, but he doesn’t understand that.  The more he cries the hotter he gets and it is 90+ degrees out.  Finally the screen is out and now it is time for the AC to go in.  I am hot and sweaty starting to have a migraine and all I want to do is cry with my little guy.  About an hour into this struggle Robert is now giggling at his mommy, nice.  and I get the AC in the window.  FINALLY!!!  AHHHH!!!  I plug it into the wall and ….   NOOOOO!!!!  The darn thing isn’t pushing out any air.  Ugggg  I can hear the cooling unit part hum but no fan.  I switch to the “fan only” setting and nothing…

With that my heart sunk and I gave up.  I got the little guy out of his crib and we went into the living room to cool off.

Round 2 – Me 0  A/C 1

Looks like the AC is going to win this battle.  uggg  I blew air in to it, cleaned out the filter, just in case it wasn’t clean enough.  I plugged it is and no change.  Next round I will take it apart.


Banning Baby Bottles… Is this a smart move for Venezuela? I think……….

A heated debate and a hot topic, the importance of breastfeeding.  I am very open-minded about breastfeeding and a mother’s choice.  Some moms think it is gross or just don’t want to breast feed their baby for what ever reason they have and some mom‘s don’t have a choice about breastfeeding their babies because their bodies wont produce milk.  I have heard some people say that it is not possible but I have friends that tried everything even controversial prescription medications to get breast milk and nothing.  Not to mention my struggle to supply my baby with breast milk.  I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have bottles to feed my son the milk I had pumped for him.  Pumping was one way I was able to keep my supply up.  And since I had low supply I sure as heck was NOT going to dump it.

I understand a government wanting to promote breastfeeding.  Like our hospitals in MA have lactation consultants(LC) to help new moms in  the first moments and days of life by being available for hands on help.  I don’t know what I would have done with out the support and help of my LCs when my supply dipped.  Our hospitals have also gotten rid of the formula care packages they send home with new moms, or maybe they just don’t give them to Exclusively Breastfed Babies(EBB).  Breast is best because the mother’s body has nourished the baby from the time it was first conceived, it is natural for it to keep nourishing the baby for as long as the baby needs.  When I thought about breastfeeding there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to have an exclusively breastfed baby.  I wanted to breast feed for many reasons.  Obviously it is the most complete nutrition my baby could receive and it was FREE.  But my mom breastfed me and I have always thought that breastfeeding is a natural part of being a mom.  From the moment I first put Robert to my breast he suckled it like he was a pro.  It was natural on both ends.

It is argued that the bond between a mother and a breastfed baby or a bottle fed baby is different.  I don’t think that the physically being attached to the breast makes the bond stronger between mother and child but it does make the emotional aspect of providing life for your baby a deeper emotional feeling for the mother.  I loved everything about breastfeeding, the cuddling him close, watching his little face relax as he started to enter the milk induced sleep, the peacefulness of our mommy-baby time and the feelings that go with breastfeeding that words can’t describe.  My friends who either chose to or had to bottle feed their babies are just as close with their babies as I am with Robert.  The cuddled their little ones close, watched their faces change as they got full and got to have the same mommy-baby bonding time.

So to the point of the banning the use of baby bottles…  That is just ridiculous.  All that will do is promote black market baby bottle dealing not breastfeeding.  Plus, some moms have over-supply and have to pump to help their body regulate milk production (how I wished I was a mom with over-supply).  If those mom’s don’t have bottles to put their milk where will it go?  Are they supposed to throw it away?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  If I ever for any reason had to discard any breast milk I felt like I was throwing away liquid gold.  Banning baby bottles will not solve their wish to promote breastfeeding.  I think the Venezuelan congress is taking this WAY TOO FAR!!

Super Fabulous Post – GONE

Ugggg  don’t you hate it when you spend time looking stuff up, writing a blog piece to accidentally hit the “X” button and close the browser?

Sure, sure, I could totally write it all again but I’m not going to.  Maybe out of sheer laziness but mostly I would rather just rant and be unproductive for a moment.  That is what a blog is for, to capture raw emotion.  You can’t get more raw that accidentally deleting your post, opening a new browser to find you didn’t “Save Draft”.

Grrrr  the frustration…..

Oh well…  That is my rant this morning.  Maybe I will take a nap while the baby naps and the day will be smooth sailing after we get up and get going.  This waking 5:30 in the morning stuff is so draining.  Thank you Mr Sun for coming over the horizon around 5 am and causing the birds to start squawking like they are dying..