My First Resin Prep Tutorial

This is the first tutorial I have made so far with a few more ideas as well as a special request. If you have any requests for Tutorials you would like to see me make and I know the topic; I will add it to my list of things to do. Enjoy…

New Crafty Outlet – Resin

I did my first Resin pour about a month ago and I was amazed how easy it was.  I chose to start with a nail polish design.

Image08012013195238I got all set up and sat down to what I thought was going to be something hard to do.  To my amazement it was super easy to do each set.  I mixed my resin in a small batch.  poured it into the molds so the molds were just shy of half full.  Then came the fun part.  I put drops of nail polish in and then poured resin over the top.  super easy however…  not so good since the combination of the 2 caused a few air bubbles in some pieces.  So I did a few more batches and moved on to making my own mold.
wheeeee  so fun!!  I can mold just about anything.  yippy.   While it was in the mold I made a nice bottle cap piece.  I have started to really work with different inclusions.  The drift wood was on but it kept needing to be pushed down.  The shell was easy and stayed where I placed it.
About a week ago I started to really branch out.  I got some mog podge, stickers, and nail art to include in my pieces.  The nail art was nice but it spread out as the resin cured and with that I learned to wait until it is really tacky before adding them if I am trying to make a pattern with them.

Fun Resin Pieces

I have now found my newest passion.  Now finding the time when I can do this is hard…  Keep watching I will post more updates with new pieces as my skill increases.  🙂