Vine Video – Dinnertime Fun

I do find it annoying that I can’t actually embed the video without paying wordpress a fee of $60.00 per year.  Why do I have to pay that when the video isn’t even being stored in their system?

Grrrr  ok enough of my rant.  For Vine Videos I will simply include the link for them to to be viewed through Vine and a small synopsis.

Vine Video – Dinnertime Fun

Robert was being a ham so I grabbed the iPad and made a 6 second Vine Video.

Vine the 6 Second Video

First Steps on Video

I love this concept.  I am starting to learn about how to make these 6 second videos.  6 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time at all until you are trying to frame by frame create something simple.  My iPad crashed as I was going to build my lunch and film it.  Uggg  it was 3 hours of torture waiting for the iPad to finish rebooting and come alive again.  grrrr

I love it.  it is super easy to use and fun too.  It is amazing how difficult it is to film 6 seconds.  hah  Practice will make perfect.  Here is my first attempt at a Vine Video.  Click the link below.

Introducing the Original Carbonated Baby