Language Skills of an Almost 3 Year Old

My son who is almost 3 is too smart for his own good sometimes.  On the flip side his language skills have helped to avoid many meltdowns and tantrums.  He is starting to read, which I welcome but now I have a hard time reading a book to him.  I suppose this is natural but I miss my little boy who would let me read him a story or 5 at bedtime.  I do find it absolutely amazing that he is starting to read to me at just shy of 3 years old.

How is this too smart for his own good?  Well, he is now picking up on words we spell so he doesn’t know what we are saying.  I really thought we would have longer in the coded parent spelling language days but oh well.  Today I spelled “I C E  C R E A M” to his daddy to see if he wanted some and the little bugger says to me “chocolate please.”  I proceeded to reach for an M&M and he says “NO Mommy, I want chocolate ice cream”  There is no fooling this little critter.  So much for the surprise dessert.

Parents who haven’t made it to this stage yet…  enjoy your time of being able to spell to communicate with your other half, or any other adult.  Once it is over it is a sad realization that your baby/toddler is not a baby/toddler any more they are now turning into complex little humans.