Banning Baby Bottles… Is this a smart move for Venezuela? I think……….

A heated debate and a hot topic, the importance of breastfeeding.  I am very open-minded about breastfeeding and a mother’s choice.  Some moms think it is gross or just don’t want to breast feed their baby for what ever reason they have and some mom‘s don’t have a choice about breastfeeding their babies because their bodies wont produce milk.  I have heard some people say that it is not possible but I have friends that tried everything even controversial prescription medications to get breast milk and nothing.  Not to mention my struggle to supply my baby with breast milk.  I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have bottles to feed my son the milk I had pumped for him.  Pumping was one way I was able to keep my supply up.  And since I had low supply I sure as heck was NOT going to dump it.

I understand a government wanting to promote breastfeeding.  Like our hospitals in MA have lactation consultants(LC) to help new moms in  the first moments and days of life by being available for hands on help.  I don’t know what I would have done with out the support and help of my LCs when my supply dipped.  Our hospitals have also gotten rid of the formula care packages they send home with new moms, or maybe they just don’t give them to Exclusively Breastfed Babies(EBB).  Breast is best because the mother’s body has nourished the baby from the time it was first conceived, it is natural for it to keep nourishing the baby for as long as the baby needs.  When I thought about breastfeeding there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to have an exclusively breastfed baby.  I wanted to breast feed for many reasons.  Obviously it is the most complete nutrition my baby could receive and it was FREE.  But my mom breastfed me and I have always thought that breastfeeding is a natural part of being a mom.  From the moment I first put Robert to my breast he suckled it like he was a pro.  It was natural on both ends.

It is argued that the bond between a mother and a breastfed baby or a bottle fed baby is different.  I don’t think that the physically being attached to the breast makes the bond stronger between mother and child but it does make the emotional aspect of providing life for your baby a deeper emotional feeling for the mother.  I loved everything about breastfeeding, the cuddling him close, watching his little face relax as he started to enter the milk induced sleep, the peacefulness of our mommy-baby time and the feelings that go with breastfeeding that words can’t describe.  My friends who either chose to or had to bottle feed their babies are just as close with their babies as I am with Robert.  The cuddled their little ones close, watched their faces change as they got full and got to have the same mommy-baby bonding time.

So to the point of the banning the use of baby bottles…  That is just ridiculous.  All that will do is promote black market baby bottle dealing not breastfeeding.  Plus, some moms have over-supply and have to pump to help their body regulate milk production (how I wished I was a mom with over-supply).  If those mom’s don’t have bottles to put their milk where will it go?  Are they supposed to throw it away?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  If I ever for any reason had to discard any breast milk I felt like I was throwing away liquid gold.  Banning baby bottles will not solve their wish to promote breastfeeding.  I think the Venezuelan congress is taking this WAY TOO FAR!!

No Diaperbags in NFL Stadiums??? What the….


I can understand no purses, no back packs and no cushion seats but come on…  NO DIAPERBAGS???  Do any of these idiots making the rules have/had babies?  OMG  I can’t imagine trying to stuff a 12″x6″x12″  plastic bag full of diapers, wipes, dirty diaper bag(for the cloth diaper users), diaper cream, baby powder, a change of baby cloths(face it blowout’s happen), blanket(can’t change that baby on a dirty public changing table), lovey(or fave toy), nursing cover(I would nurse cover free in my seat to make a point), toddler shoes(some babies pull them off and they have to go somewhere), formula(for the formula babies), jarred/pouch baby food, bottles, pacifiers, teethers, and mini-first aid kit(I never go anywhere without one).

I really think they are taking this whole “safety” thing to a whole new level of ridiculous.


REVIEW: Cloth Diapers and Accessories (products we carry)

We are pleased to bring you Wahmies Cloth Diaper Accessories.  I love these items and one of the best things about them is they are Made in the USA by moms in their spare time.

Product REVIEW:

Wahmies Wet Bags – Rating: ★★★★★

I use the Wahmies Wet Bags for various things like wet diapers/clothes, contain our bottles & accessories, and our dry diapers & accessories. The Feeding bag is the Small size and typically fits 1 playtex nurser bottle, 4 nurser refills, 1 bib, 1 spoon and 2 jars of baby food.  For older babies it will fit a small baggie of snacks(like goldfish, Cheerios or puffs), 2-3 food pouches(such as Earth’s Best 4oz pouches) and a couple of formula travel packs(like the Similac to go pouches  The Diapering Bag is the Regular size and has wipes pack, bags to throw out disposable diapers, a blanket to lay down on public changing tables, about 5-6 disposable diapers (or 3 cloth diapers, depending on the activities for the day), 1 change of clothes and a travel size baby powder. The wet bags can be used for many things and can also be used for older babies all the way up to adults. Ideas for other uses for all ages: take to the beach for wet swimwear and small towels, wet clothes while you’re out, if you are creative I am sure you can come up with more ways to use these wonderful bags.

Wahmies Reusable Cloth Wipes – Rating: ★★★★✩

These are great for wipes or for wash cloths. I use them as wash cloths at bath time and to wipe up spit-up. They would wonders and are tremendously soft. I have also wet them, put them in a plastic baggy in the freezer for teething… AMAZING!!

Wahmies Pail Liners – Rating: ★★★★★

I recommend getting 2 of these; one for the pail that is in use and the other with the soiled cloth diapers that are being laundered. This is another great product that can grow with your child or that you can get for older children and adults to use as dirty clothes bags. Turn your diaper pail into a dirty clothes basket as your little one grows up. The best thing about the bag is that it can be washed right along with the items you are laundering.