Freedom of Speech in Boston, MA is Dying!!!

Boston’s new Mayor has some big shoes to fill but he is too busy digging a hole he might not climb out of.  He is not off to a good start.

Mayor Walsh has signed an order that prohibits Boston city workers for voicing their anti-Olympic opinions.  Seems he is on a bit of a power trip.  He thinks the whole die in protests are out of hand, I am sure taking away the freedom of speech of city workers wont set very well with the citizens or any of the college students who like to ditch class and protest for anything under the sun.

The order states:

“The City, including its employees, officers, and representatives, shall not make, publish or communicate to any Person, or communicated in any public forum, any comments or statements (written or oral) that reflect unfavorably upon, denigrate or disparage, or are detrimental to the reputation or statute of, the [International Olympic Committee], the [International Paralympic Committee], the USOC, the IOC Bid, the Bid Committee or the Olympic or Paralympic movement. The City, including its employees, officers and representatives, shall each promote the Bid Committee, the USOC, the IOC Bid, U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls and the Olympic and Paralympic movement in a positive manner.”

Walsh tells people to think of the crowds and the construction.  Is he forgetting that with that also comes more theft and loss?   And lets not forget the INCREASE in TAXES that the city and the state residents will have to pay for this event.  Heck they don’t have enough tax revenue to cover the current budget what would the taxes raise to to cover the enormous expense of having the Olympics in Boston.

This new mayor clearly doesn’t understand to what point the citizens of Boston will push back.  The people of Boston are unique in the way they get their point across.  It will be interesting to see how this unfolds over the coming days and weeks.  Having people on both side of an issue is how some of the best solutions are created.  If everything is one sided then there is never a good solution because everyone is looking at it from the same stance and major issues get over looked.  Also, nothing great comes from having a flock of sheep meandering around.

Lets make a simple analogy here: It is similar to the nursery rhyme “The 3 Little Pigs”.  A good housing solution didn’t come up until the Big Bad Wolf was there testing the pigs designs and structures that the perfect structure was created.  If it wasn’t for the big bad wolf those little pigs would have been living in the flimsy straw house forever.


I personally don’t give a flying crap if the Olympics are in Boston or not.  It is the taking away the freedom of speech because he doesn’t like what people are saying I have an issue with.

Getting Close to the Time of Year We Verbally Give Thanks…

I love all the people who have really stuck by my side no matter what and for that each moment I am very thankful to have each of you in my life, you are my family.

Some of you I haven’t met in person and you have still been there for me when I needed a sounding board.
Some of you I have known practically my whole life and others for a short while.
No matter where you are in the world, near or far, you are in my heart, thoughts and prayers each moment of every day.
You are the ones who give me strength to be who I am no matter what the obstacles.
You are the ones who stand beside me and hold my hand when times get rough.
You are the ones that against all odds will be there for me as steady as a rock.
Some of you will lose contact with me yet even then you will still be in my heart like family.
Some of you will reconnect with me after years apart and a piece of my heart will heal.
Some of you will be lost forever and for that, my heart grieves for you and the loss with each moment that passes you will be missed.
This is the time of year when I verbally say “Thank You Friends, for being my Family.”

To those who have strayed from our bond
Know the door is always open,
The phone line is always clear,
Social media is accessible.
You are never out of my heart, thoughts and well wishes.
Always remember, you are loved for who you are not by the actions you take.
You are family, no matter what drifts people apart, family is forever.

❤  Many blessings to be shared with those near and far, from the depths of my heart “I Thank You”.  ❤

Having a PPD Moment … Getting Personal… Family, Heartbreak and Hope…

** DISCLAIMER **  I wrote this on Nov 15th and made it a private post.  It is a very emotional post and I wasn’t going to post it but, after talking to some of the women in my PPD group I have decided to make it public.  I am not the only one going through these emotions even though situations may be different the raw emotion expressed here is me to the core.  I will not apologize for my feelings as they are a part of who I am.  This post was written to help me heal a wound that had occurred as a result of events unknown to me, we are the ones who are living with and feeling the effects of someone else’s decisions that I can not control.  The person who looses the most is my son.   My follow-up post is GETTING CLOSE TO THE TIME OF YEAR WE VERBALLY GIVE THANKS…  where I thank everyone who is close in my heart.  **
As we get closer to making the big move.  I am laying out the cost and looking for places to live.  I like the idea of finding a nice townhouse to rent to start with and then we can take the time to find a nice house in my old school district.  And it looks like we should be able to make our move in about 18 months give or take a couple of months.  And as I think about moving I am excited to be closer to family and friends some, who I have known since I was a wee little girl.  This isn’t a case of “the grass is greener” but of “this grass just ain’t gettin’ greener.”  :/

We now live in a small(very small, the size of a town) city with a handful of my SO’s family around.  They aren’t as close-knit as my family is even with all the miles between us.  It makes me sad to be so close to family and not get to see them in so long.  I know everyone is busy with work and nuclear family time but my son has a cousin 6 weeks older than him who he hasn’t seen since Easter.  And that breaks my heart.  I always extend invites and many times never receive a reply.  My mind knows it isn’t anything personal, but my heart feels otherwise.  Oh well…  I keep the hope that we will see everyone before we move to NY but as time passes my heart grows weary and sad.

When I think about it I get so sad and then I think about how some people might think I have it easy being a stay home mom who gets to play with her child all day.  Let me say…  it is hard to find activities to entertain and educate our little guy all day, EVERY day, 7 days a week.  Some days I would love to have a child care provider I could drop him off at and then pick him up, even if just for 2 hours.  I love my son with all my heart and would do anything for him and anything to protect him but sometimes mommy needs a break too.  Yes, it is fun to watch his mind work every moment and yes it is nice to be able to do things with him.  Am I lucky??  Some days I really question if I am and I think that a family with 2 working parents have it easy being able to drop their child/children off to someone so they can have the daunting task of entertaining a toddler.  Usually those days are accompanied with the major meltdowns or tantrums from being frustrated.

Add in that I am not just a Stay At Home Mom(SAHM) but I am trying to launch a company using nap times as work times, staying up late working on various products, making tutorials, doing research and setting up a webstore.  My SO works 11.5 hours a day 5-6 days a week and when he gets home he has about 1.5 hours with our son before it is bedtime.  I am up until about 11pm almost every night working on business stuff that I can’t get done during the day.  The little guy wakes around 5 am but never after 6:15am.  In our house 6:15 is sleeping in.  So there’s not much time for sleep.

A little more than 2 months ago my SO had to be rushed to the hospital with chest pains.  I was scared out of my mind, I had no one I could really talk to other than his Mom, who is wonderful and I love her dearly, but she was only here in town for vacation.  We were very lucky it wasn’t his heart but it really put life into perspective for us.  We made the decision to move to NY so I could be closer to a tight-knit support group of family and friends.  It will be nice to be closer to the friends and family I left when I moved to Fl 15 years ago.  I miss my parents, my siblings (even though 1/2 are not in the area anymore), my friends who have stayed by my side even though we have had over 1000 miles between us, and all my nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins…  I look forward to all the play dates, family get togethers, “mommy” time, and having a network of fabulous people who I can call and say “hey, I am stressed out, can you help me out” and know that they will be there as soon as they can to lend a hand.

I will miss our family we have here in MA, of course, but with everyone working such crazy hours there aren’t enough hours in a day to squeeze in anyone but the nuclear family.  I have gotten really close with Sean’s Aunt and love spending time with her.  I will miss her tons and will have to teach her how to Skype.  I was asked today “How great is it that your little one has a cousin to play with who is the same age?”  I replied, “I don’t know, we haven’t seen them since a few days after Easter.”  The person responded “That is so sad, hope you see them soon.”  In that moment I felt my heart sink wondering if we will see them before we move.  I try to keep it all in and not let the emotions out but some days it is harder than others to mask my sadness, and today is one of those days.  Today I have thought about how much I miss all our family and friends near and far.  Some days I feel so isolated because I am a SAHM and feel as I and our family is not worthy of other’s time, like I am not good enough…  I work my butt off all day everyday to not only raise our son but to build a business of our own.

That is all the jumbled rant I have today.  I am sure getting this out and a good night sleep will do wonders to lift up my spirits.  In just over 6 hours I will have to smile and giggle my way through the day, “fake it till ya make it” philosophy.


Solo with 18 month old Road Trip Prep

I am preparing for a solo 10 hour road trip with my 18 month old son.  Yup, you read the correctly.  Just me and a toddler for 10 hours in a car.

Here is what I have done so far:


  • pouches for fruits/veggies
  • goldfish
  • crackers
  • PBJ sandwiches



  • extra diapers & wipes

I know I have to be missing something… Any suggestions for me so I keep up my sanity?  HAHA

I will blog as we take our journey which starts on Wednesday morning bright and early.

The Great Aaron Hernandez Jersey Exchange of 2013 – July 6th & 7th

On July 6th & 7th the Patriots will make a mark in their history books by offering an exchange for #81 Aaron Hernandez jerseys.  There are a few rules for exchanging a jersey.  The Patriots are encouraging parents to come down and exchange the jerseys for another team member because they understand how children like to wear the jersey of their favorite team and some parents wont want their child sporting a Hernandez jersey in light of all the charges brought against him.

Jersey Exchange Rules:

  1. The jersey must have been purchased from the Pro Shop or from the Pro Shop online.
  2. NFL Official Jerseys from the Pro Shop are NIKE or REEBOK only (no receipt of purchase required)
  3. Only 1 Hernandez jersey per person may be exchanged.
  4. The exchange must happen in person at Gillette Stadium at the Patriots Pro Shop ONLY during normal business hours.
  5. You may exchange the Hernandez jersey for any other patriots player of equal or lesser value.
  6. Only valid for in stock Jersey’s ONLY – No special orders/requests allowed.
  7. The Patriots ProShop reserves the right to make all determinations regarding program validity. All determinations are final.”

Hours of Operation:
Sat July 6, 2013 – 10:00am to 9:00pm
Sunday, July 7, 2013 – 10:00am to 7:00pm


This is an excellent idea.  I feel bad for the parents who may have come to New England to see a game yet can’t get back to exchange the #81 Hernandez jersey they may have bought while at a game or in the area.  I think it benefits local fans more than the broad spectrum but over all this offer goes over the top with compassion and understanding for their fans.  I think it is a marvelous thing they are doing by allowing people to pick another team member’s jersey in place of Aaron Hernandez.  This could be seen like a chance to “pick your new favorite player”.

What I would like to know after all the #81 Hernandez jerseys are collected is “Who’s jersey got picked the most to replace Hernandez?”

Are Tebow’s Prayers to God Saving Hernandez Once Again?

It appears that God has answered Tim Tebow‘s prayers and he will have a spot on the Patriots after all.  Thanks to his former Gator teammate and current, for now, Patriots teammate, Aaron Hernandez.  Hernandez allegedly has a warrant for his arrest issued for murder and could be taken into custody as I am blogging this, who knows.  This isn’t his first shooting he has been involved in it is the 3rd that I know of.

Pre-Pro Football – (heck when you are a Gator you might as well say you are a semi pro.  LOL)

I was living and going to school in Gainesville, FL when the 2007 incident occurred.  I remember there being a shooting that involved the gators and the jaguars and thought Hernandez’s name was one of the former Gators to be on the suspect list.  It took a lot of digging before I finally found some of the original news reports. (now a day later it seems to have cracked wide open with those reports everywhere)  Hernandez, 2 other former Gators, and former Jacksonville Jaguar player, Reggie Nelson, were questioned about a shooting.  The shooting took place after the gators lost a game to one of the rival teams.  It was never released if there was underage drinking involved, my guess is maybe not.  It was about 2:30 in the morning when shots were fired.  Initial reports place Hernandez and 2 other former Gator players at the scene of the crime.  None of them were charged with any wrong doing or crimes.  I remember being so appalled that the police let these guys off and thought how nice it must be to play football for such a powerful school and to have wealthy friends to pay your way out of trouble.  But the 2 injured men didn’t get justice.  Or, maybe it wasn’t money that saved him and his fellow gators that day, maybe it was the power of prayer and an act of God.

Enter Pro Football Years

The media began focusing on a case from this past February where he was in an argument, pulled a loaded gun on someone while they were in a car and it accidentally went off.  Mainly because shortly after the murder was reported the details of this case emerged and   The police in that investigation don’t know if the shot was an accident or intentional but I will take a good guess that it was no accident.  But, you know, maybe it was the gun’s fault for being in Hernandez’s hand.  There is a lot of controversy around this claim to begin with in my opinion.  The police closed the investigation months ago because the victim wasn’t being helpful to their investigation and Hernandez wasn’t mentioned in the official police report.  Yes, that could have been an officer over sight or even a case of “here is a few grand if you keep my name out of this report” even though there were witnesses that place the 2 men together at the time of the incident.

Current Murder Case (from my point of view)

Lets start with the evidence that has been leaked/given to the press:

  1. Victim was dating the sister of Hernandez’s “baby mama”
  2. Victim was found shot within 1 mile of Hernandez’s home
  3. The car the victim was found near was rented by Hernandez
  4. Hernandez allegedly destroyed his own security system and cell phone
  5. Hernandez and the victim had been seen in an argument earlier
  6. Hernandez hired a cleaning crew for his house the day the body was recovered
  7. Hernandez is showing no signs of sorrow over the death of him “friend”

That is just what I can come up with off the top of my head, I am sure there are more pieces of evidence that the police have that the public doesn’t know about.  From the looks of it, he needs to stand trial before a jury of his peers.  If a jury can acquit him and sleep at night believing they made the right choice then that is what needs to happen.  Not this wishy-washy BS that the police are pulling about getting an arrest warrant for Hernandez and then recanting that the did.  Are the cops out there so corrupt that they will let a murder suspect walk just because he plays football for the patriots and has money to pay them to “make this go away”.  Because from where I see and how I interpret the actions of the police and the evidence that has been leaked the man needs to stand trial and have a fair hearing.  If there wasn’t already a past riddled with gun violence I might be able to believe that someone was framing him but until that evidence is leaked Hernandez will be nothing more than a spoiled rich football player who is capable of murdering someone in the heat of the moment and so immoral that he will bribe his way out of trouble, again.  If he stood trial and evidence came out that would clear his name, wonderful but if not, then justice should be served.

::UPDATE::  As of 5:45 pm, June 22, 2013 police left Hernandez’s home with 15 bags of evidence.  Who’s guilty now???  Makes ya go, HUMMM

Come to think of it there isn’t much difference between a mobster and a football player.

Moral of the Story:

If you are a famous football player with lots of money you can do whatever you want because you are like Teflon, nothing will stick to you even when all the evidence points to you being guilty.  Or maybe Tebow really does have a direct link to God and gets all of his prayers answered…

random sources:

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No Diaperbags in NFL Stadiums??? What the….


I can understand no purses, no back packs and no cushion seats but come on…  NO DIAPERBAGS???  Do any of these idiots making the rules have/had babies?  OMG  I can’t imagine trying to stuff a 12″x6″x12″  plastic bag full of diapers, wipes, dirty diaper bag(for the cloth diaper users), diaper cream, baby powder, a change of baby cloths(face it blowout’s happen), blanket(can’t change that baby on a dirty public changing table), lovey(or fave toy), nursing cover(I would nurse cover free in my seat to make a point), toddler shoes(some babies pull them off and they have to go somewhere), formula(for the formula babies), jarred/pouch baby food, bottles, pacifiers, teethers, and mini-first aid kit(I never go anywhere without one).

I really think they are taking this whole “safety” thing to a whole new level of ridiculous.


Boston Strong Concert

I was writing another blog when I saw a flash in my Facebook ticker that the Boston Strong Concert was doing a LIVE Feed.  It was like I was sent back to middle and high school.  WOW  I feel old.  But boy oh boy I do love old school boy bands.  I am singing along and Sean is laughing at me… Or maybe he is laughing because some of these old guys are more pitchy than I am.  Oh and I am Deaf in one ear so I have a reason to be pitchy.  Over all so far this is a wonderful show they have put together and I am so happy they are doing a live feed.  I wanted to go but since we have a little one and no babysitter This is the next best thing.  Heck it is like having a front row seat, I don’t have to deal with driving in the traffic and I can sit here in my PJ’s and multitask.

Boston Strong

It is so inspiring to see so many people come together for Boston.  It is a mix of honor, music and a pep rally.  It is so nice to see the strong American Pride.  The amount of pride shone reminds me of the Southern American Pride I experienced when I lived in Gainesville, Florida.  I am having a wonderful time sitting here enjoying the concert.  JAMES TAYLOR  ::smiles::

And so many more artists to catch.

Tragedy Strikes the #Boston Marathon

This is close to home.  Yesterday’s attack on the innocent people in Boston, Ma was not only horrific but very, very sad.  I don’t know if it has a bigger impact on me now that I am a mom but the thought that there were children injured and killed is heartbreaking.  It is always sad to hear of innocent adults and children getting hurt in events like this but for some reason at an event such as the Marathon makes you really ask “why”.  With 176 people hurt, 17 in critical condition and 3 dead it seems horrible but it could have been so much worse had they not had so many emergency people, military personnel and volunteer staff on hand for the event and leaders with enough forethought to shut down all cell service to prevent remote detonation.  In the moments following the explosions it was amazing to see the amount of general spectators who rushed in to help out with the initial evaluation of trauma.

As a psychology major I can’t help but wonder a few things.  From what was the person or persons who did this thinking to how will it effect the children.  The youngest reported was 2 or 3 years old.  Will they remember this, will this event be burned into their subconscious, will they develop fears of public places or large events, how will this event effect the older children?  So many questions that many may not be answered until the children are older or even adults.  Then I wonder how will this event shape future mass public events and how will patriots day be remembered in the future?  We are keeping the victims, their friends & family in our thoughts.

As a North Shore resident and an American citizen I hope they catch who ever put this plan in motion and the perpetrator who carried the plan out and not only prosecute him/her to the fullest extent of national law but also make his/her death a public event.  We need to bring back the public hangings and public punishments.   OH YES I went there and YES I know we are all about “human rights” in this country but I ask you, if this person/group is found guilty do they deserve to be treated like a human or should they be publicly punished?  My opinion, if the person(s) are captured, tried and found guilty then they should be executed in a public place with international news coverage.  And I am not talking about a lethal injection death it should be a death that the public in this nation and other nations alike can see that the US means business when it come to protecting the citizens and international visitors.  Maybe this seems harsh but I believe we have gotten much to lax with punishments for major crimes like these in this country.

On a side note, the IRS is extending the tax deadline for those that qualify.  That is nice but I would think that those who were there probably already had their taxes done.  I thought this was a little silly, but a nice gesture none the less.