Chemo Re-branding – Some “GOOD” Headlines in the News

With all the bad news that floats around I went on a search for some good news to share.  It wasn’t that hard to find good news but it was hard to find something that warmed my heart and made me go “awe, how sweet!”

There is a hospital in Brazil that is re-branding the chemotherapy bags for kids.  They have put the bags in plastic containers that have different super hero emblems on them.  They are coining them as “Superformula” packed full of magical powers.  But the goodness didn’t stop there.  The hospital has equipped the children’s cancer ward with a “Hall of Justice” game room and has adorned the place with super hero decorations.

This has to be the best, most positive atmosphere for children who are battling such a horrible disease.  Why stop there?  Maybe other hospitals around the world will come up with their own twist on this.  And why not put it in all children’s wards?  All kids could benefit from a little “fantasy” while they recover no matter how minor or major the issue.  Heck as an adult I would love to be whisked away to a “pretend” place where everything is good and happy if I had to go through the healing battle.

In my opinion, the positive atmosphere is good for the soul and good for the healing process.


Children’s Cancer Center In Brazil Joins Forces With Superheroes To Help Kids Overcome Treatment

ALERT: Name Change and more…

Baby Lanes Cove is changing to Carbonated Baby.  The Baby Lanes Cove blog will stay up and running as “Carbonated Baby, Lanes Cove” until the transformation to Carbonated Baby is complete.

The reason for the name change:

I wanted to evolve to have a more catchy name that branches off the new business, Carbonated Thoughts.  I am going to branch out and create some crafty items to add to the mix of baby items I am making.  As soon as I get some new items completed and posted for sale I will blog about them and link the store website.


Our new store will include FREE SHIPPING for ALL products purchased.  Why are we offering free shipping to addresses in the United States for everything?  We believe the customer should only have to pay for the items they love the most and not for the shipping.  As a new business how are we able to do this?  Simple, we will ship items 2 days a week which will allow us to ship packages in bulk.

Thank you for taking the journey with us.  Please donate to help support my blog(please note your donation is not tax deductible .  I do not run ads on my blog to generate money.  If you are interested in having a link on my page I would be more than happy to add you to a “Links I Like” page(not yet created) for free in return for the same type of link on your page/blog.  10% of all the donations I receive I will give to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.  I have chosen St Jude’s because I am a cancer survivor and research that is done at St Jude not only helps children but the results can also help adults.  I believe research should start with children because they are our future.