The Scream of a 1 Year Old – How do you deal with it?

Oh boy oh boy!!  I really hope this is just a phase.  Our little guy has now begun to scream.  He will scream when he is happy, sad, mad, excited, frustrated and sometimes for no reason at all.  I have no clue sometimes why he is screaming and those times I really wish he could put words to his thoughts.  When he is frustrated it is usually because he can’t complete a task that he is trying to do or walk around the table how he wants.  And sometimes he screams because I am cooking and not paying 100% attention to him.

:: Big sigh :: 

What is the best way to deal with this behavior?  So far I assess the situation and if he is frustrated I explain what I think is bothering him.  When he is mad or sad I tell him I understand his feelings and everything is ok.  If he is happy or excited I try to “shhh” him and tell him to use an inside voice. (not too early for him to learn, right?)

Is there a better way to handle it?  How long will this phase last….  I would love some advise and/or great wisdom.

Question of the Day: How do busy mom’s get things done and not succumb to chaos?

This question was posted in a mother’s group I am in and I have to say “WOW what a loaded question.  What do you think?  Feel free to leave a comment below with how you get everything done and/or tips as to how to get things accomplished.

My Answer:

I find it hard to keep up with blogging but now that the little guy is a bit older (almost 14 months).  I am finding it easier to let him have some playtime with out me sitting right there.  (I started this this week)  Most days I do things in little chunks and some things have to wait until his daddy gets home from work.  But, boy oh boy some days I feel like I am drowning in stuff that needs to get done.  Those days I make sure to take at least 5 minutes to myself while the LO naps to meditate, clear my mind and relax for a moment.  It is also important for me to be “ok” if the laundry or other household task waits one more day.