What is Happening to this Country?

I hear reports ever day it seems as to how a teenager has disappeared.  Why is it that so many kids from 13- 16 years old seem to be vanishing?  Is there a predator out there taking them and selling them?  Are they getting mixed up with mysterious “online” dating?  Are they hooking up with strangers, fall in “love” and then run away?

The most alarming things I keep hearing about is all the toddlers that are being snatched.  First of all why would anyone let a toddler play without supervision in the front yard?  That is just asking for a disaster.  Oh man, I would never let our little one play outside alone this young.  Heck, who knows what age is “ok” these days.  What happened to the days when I was a young kid and could not only play outside alone but could ride my bike around the neighborhood alone and go out and play as long as I was back in time for dinner or before dark which ever came first?  There are so many more things to worry about with our young children these days.

Sometimes I think if our little guy could be locked up and kept on a leash to keep him safe I would in a heartbeat if I thought it wouldn’t traumatized him.  But we can’t do that to our kids, if we did they would grow up missing the most fundamental aspects of growing up…  Time away from Mom and Dad to do what they want and to explore new things.

My heart goes out to all parents and families who have lost a child.  For the children who are missing, I hope most of them can be found and brought home.


Predator Alert in Ocala, Fl (vehicle plates from Ohio)

White Ford Ranger - Ohio Tag # PHG 5832

White Ford Ranger – Ohio Tag # PHG 5832

The driver of this White Ford Ranger Ohio (Tag # PHG 5832) is morbidly obese, white Male, between 30 – 40 years old.  He was walking around the yard looking at the house of a friend of mine in Ocala, Florida. (the house is not for sale)  My friend has 2 small children under the age of 3.  When she went outside to ask him what he was doing he got into the vehicle and sped away.  If anyone has seen this vehicle please let me know and/or alert your local police.  My friend nor her husband knew who this person was.  Her mother’s intuition gave her the feeling that he is a predator or stalker of some sort.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE …  THIS IS NOT A SPAM POST…  Please pass this along and help keep my friend and other’s in the area safe.  Thank you.

White Ford Ranger - Ohio Tag # PHG 5832

White Ford Ranger – Ohio Tag # PHG 5832

UPDATE: Amber Alert Cancelled

The Amber Alert issued last night for  Jonathan Moore, Jr. was cancelled about an hour after it was issued when the boy was found safe at a relatives home.  He was taken to Mass General Hospital to be evaluated, he looked to be in good spirits.  The suspect, his father, severely injured someone in the home where the boy was abducted.   Jonathan Moore, Sr. is still at large and considered armed and dangerous.  Mr. Moore is said to in a Red 1997 Toyota Camry, Massachusetts tag- 634-RH4 and traveling with 25-year-old Ashley Smith.  If you see this vehicle please call the Police and do not approach the vehicle or the occupants on your own.





It is believed that the boy was abducted by his father at gunpoint.  It is also believed that there are 2 men and one woman in the car.

Police said the man could be headed towards the Cambridge or Malden area. Police are asking anyone who sees a vehicle matching this description to call 911.

“Please do not approach” the suspect, police said in a statement.

If you have information, call the Boston Police Department: 617-343-5449

If you have information, call the Boston Police Department: 617-343-5449

Missing 18 Month Old Presumed Dead

This is the saddest thing I have read today. So close to Mother’s Day and this mother and her daughter will now see another one. A MISSING Child poster went viral on Facebook yesterday morning of an 18 month old little girl, Lana-Leigh Bailey, who is missing from a farm home in Ottawa, Kansas. The area police have a suspect, Kyle Trevor Flack, in custody and now believe that Lana-Leigh is dead and not missing. They have teams of police and detectives working round the clock searching on foot, ATV and horseback to search and recover the body of the missing toddler. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is sending in a team to help with the recovery process.

One of the most shocking aspects of this case is the failure to issue an amber alert. There were loopholes that allowed for the toddler’s case to fall through the cracks. Would the amber alert have helped? With the information that investigators have now, probably not, but at the time they didn’t know. Search parties continue to look for Lana-Leigh’s body.

“Bailey’s family is seeking donations to pay for her and her daughter’s funeral. A fund has been created at Unity One Credit Union, 4105 Kansas Ave., Kansas, KS, 66016. Attention: Bailey Family Fund. To wire money, call the bank at 913-342-9039.”

Check out the full heart breaking missing child article and the Amber Alert brouhaha by clicking on the linked text.