Applying High School Math to Current “Invasion” Events

Here is how to apply those high school math skills that most kids say “I will never use this in real life”.  Little did we know we use logic skills all the time.  Here is how it applies to the invasion of Syria Drama.

It makes no sense to attack Syria and defend the same people who are seen as a threat to this nation.  A bit hypocritical if you ask me.  Not to mention that China is against it and we borrow money from them all the time to keep out over paid “lawmakers” in their cozy lifestyle (among other ridiculous spending).

Common logic is:

1. China doesn’t support attacking Syria

2. The US borrows money from China

SO…since 1 and 2 are both true we can conclude:

It is also true that If the US attacks Syria then China will cut off all funding to the US.

Meaning, if we want to keep our nations strong we don’t bite the hand that feeds us!!

Personal viewpoint of Syria and other countries we invade

We need to stay the *F* out of there.  We need to get our men and woman home and work on our own country instead of worrying about other countries business.  Not to mention the potential of World War 3 and they have made NO threats to the United States or the citizens of our great country.  ALSO, what happens if the budget freezes and China won’t lend us more so we can get our troops home.  What then?  I honestly think we need to work on our own country’s issues and problems instead of spending money we don’t have to invade a country that has made no threat to us.  We need to look out for our own and let them work out their own issues.

I mean lets look at it this way … You have sent all your kids to different locations and now there is so much house work to be done you can’t do it all yourself.  You are in debt so far that you can’t afford the cost of aiding all the households your kids are at.  Your kids are going to be exposed to unknown chemical pesticides and could die from exposure.

What would you do?

Bring your kids home.  Then those kids can help around the house, help the family save money and build the family’s infrastructure.  Sounds like common sense when you break it down to a basic family level.