NEVER Trust Auto Correct When You Are Sleepy

MY AUNT: (the original post) Was going to nap with Hubby until my “smart phone” blasted me with a loud siren (like the old air raid sirens from the 50’s) . It was a dust storm warning. I checked my house & my dust was right where I left it. So I am sitting on the patio listening to the thunder & hoping for rain.
ME: I got one of those a couple months ago for a tomato in the area. I didn’t even know my phone could do that. And it isn’t even a smart phone.
MY AUNT: Dawn, you get warnings when there are “tomatoes” in the area? Lol
ME: ROTFL Yup.. sometimes it rains Ketchup haha Got to love Auto correct…
ME: I am so tired that I couldn’t even read this back to Sean without laughing so hard that he had to take my laptop and read it himself… This girl is off to bed before the little guy wakes up. LOL

❀◕ ‿ ◕❀   This wasn’t really that funny, but because I was so sleepy it was HILARIOUS!!!   ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀