Hair Donation to Children with Hair Loss (CWHL)

Last week I went to Great Clips for a hair cut.  My mother in law had mentioned about donating hair to the Locks of Love so I asked if they did that program.  They said they didn’t do Locks of Love but they did give hair to Children With Hair Loss (CWHL).

CWHL is an organization who accepts donated hair for children who have hair loss due to medical issues.  The organization was started in 2000 and provides hair replacement to all children at no cost to the family.  It started small by helping children fighting cancer have custom hair pieces.  It has now grown to help over 300 children a year suffering from a wide range of medical reasons for hair loss.

ALERT: Name Change and more…

Baby Lanes Cove is changing to Carbonated Baby.  The Baby Lanes Cove blog will stay up and running as “Carbonated Baby, Lanes Cove” until the transformation to Carbonated Baby is complete.

The reason for the name change:

I wanted to evolve to have a more catchy name that branches off the new business, Carbonated Thoughts.  I am going to branch out and create some crafty items to add to the mix of baby items I am making.  As soon as I get some new items completed and posted for sale I will blog about them and link the store website.


Our new store will include FREE SHIPPING for ALL products purchased.  Why are we offering free shipping to addresses in the United States for everything?  We believe the customer should only have to pay for the items they love the most and not for the shipping.  As a new business how are we able to do this?  Simple, we will ship items 2 days a week which will allow us to ship packages in bulk.

Thank you for taking the journey with us.  Please donate to help support my blog(please note your donation is not tax deductible .  I do not run ads on my blog to generate money.  If you are interested in having a link on my page I would be more than happy to add you to a “Links I Like” page(not yet created) for free in return for the same type of link on your page/blog.  10% of all the donations I receive I will give to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.  I have chosen St Jude’s because I am a cancer survivor and research that is done at St Jude not only helps children but the results can also help adults.  I believe research should start with children because they are our future.