Toddler Play Areas

Good Morning Blog readers!!  It is Monday morning and we are ready for another yoyo week of rain, snow, rain and more snow.  While mother nature has it in for us here in the wonderful state of Massachusetts with the temps bouncing between the 20’s and the 40’s we have a fun-filled week ahead.  Maybe I can witness my son doing something crazy again.  LOL

This past Saturday we  were at the local mall play area where I usually take him to play and burn some energy.  I love watching all the different children interact together.  It amazes me every time we go how many adults aren’t keeping an eye on the children they are there with.  They are playing with or talking on their phones.  In the meantime I have a toddler running around having a good time going through the tunnels and climbing into the cars and boats.  The thing that annoys me the most is when the unsupervised children are jumping off of one of the play fixtures.  It isn’t the jumping part as much as where they are jumping off.  They jump off over the tunnel holes.  I can’t count how many times I have had to either tell those kids to be careful there were toddlers and babies crawling through the tunnel.  I often wonder how much these kids get away with at home if they are so unruly and neglected in a public play area.  Sometimes I want to go up to the adults and ask them if they think it is ok for the child they are not watching to potentially jump on my baby, now toddler’s head.  I bite my tongue so far because when I ask the older kids to be careful they typically stop or at least look before jumping to make sure it is clear of littler kids.

The funniest thing I have seen my little guy do in the play area this weekend.  There was a little boy, maybe about 5 years old, starting to have a temper tantrum.  The little boy started to yell and scream with some tears because his adult told him it was time to leave.  So my little guy stops in his tracks while running around, looks at the little boy and yells at him with a growl like yell.  It really sounded like he was possessed by the demon in the exorcist.  Then my little one ran away squealing with delight.  The little boy stopped his tantrum like he was in shock, got down still sniffling, and went over to his adult to leave without a fight.  I have no idea what was said in that scary yell but it was enough to help calm the tantrum.  Now, if only I had a child to do that when my little guy is having a tantrum.  LOL

Leaps and Bounds … Our Little Guy is Amazing!!

People thought I was nuts when I was pregnant buying the little guy flashcards of colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet. Well…

I have done the alphabet cards (and the others as well) with R since he was about a year old (maybe sooner). I would tell his daddy what he was doing but the other day my heart melted. We went to visit daddy at work and I put R down so he could wander. He went to the “Paper Only” sign and pointed at the A and said “ah” then pointed at the E and said “ee”. He did it on his own with no coaching and he did it a few times. Yesterday when I showed him the “A” card he said “Ah”…”Ba”(for b)… “Ka”(like the cat minus the “t”).. “Da”.. “E” and clapped.

AMAZING how their brains are little sponges.

R is almost 20 months old 😀

Twas the Night Before the Road Trip

Twas the night before our first epic road trip
Just mommy and an 18 month old toddler
A nice night to curl up in bed
Dream of sugar plums and fairies dancing in my head
With a big yawn and a rub of my eyes
I am sure to get a good night sleep
For in the morning I will rise to the sound of my little guy
Full of energy and ready for adventure
We will surely experience
An epic road trip
Just me and my little guy

No Diaperbags in NFL Stadiums??? What the….


I can understand no purses, no back packs and no cushion seats but come on…  NO DIAPERBAGS???  Do any of these idiots making the rules have/had babies?  OMG  I can’t imagine trying to stuff a 12″x6″x12″  plastic bag full of diapers, wipes, dirty diaper bag(for the cloth diaper users), diaper cream, baby powder, a change of baby cloths(face it blowout’s happen), blanket(can’t change that baby on a dirty public changing table), lovey(or fave toy), nursing cover(I would nurse cover free in my seat to make a point), toddler shoes(some babies pull them off and they have to go somewhere), formula(for the formula babies), jarred/pouch baby food, bottles, pacifiers, teethers, and mini-first aid kit(I never go anywhere without one).

I really think they are taking this whole “safety” thing to a whole new level of ridiculous.


Crib Climbing Should be a Sport.

yes, the day has come that he has decided to try to climb out of his crib.  OH BOY we are doomed.  I don’t want him in a toddler bed now.  I was hoping we would make it until at least 2 before we had to worry about that.  16.5 months seems so young for a toddler bed.  But a big boy bed is better than him trying to climb out of his crib and falling.  YIKES, the thought of that scares me.

His Day started at 5 am.  Time for 1st nap:: I put him in his crib.  He acts like he is going to sleep then a few minutes later I hear the frustrated cry.  I ignore it for a couple of minutes and then I go into his room and he looks at me with one leg up on the side of the crib and says “down”.  I help him get his leg down I and lay him back down.  Leave and moments later I hear “arrrrrg, down” followed by the frustrated squeal of a cry.  I go in to help him again and as I started to repeat the process of putting his leg down he says “stop, up”  At this point he is wide awake and I am exhausted.

A Long Day Ahead!!!  When is the right age to start using a toddler bed?

First Bite … Oh no here we go…

I had to take Robert to my business meeting with SCORE yesterday.  He was very good.  they even complimented him for being so well-behaved.  We were in there for 1.5 hours.  That whole time he was in his stroller playing with his favorite stuffed monkey (which doesn’t normally leave the house) and a sketch book.

Are you wondering how I could have titled this “First Bite” and I am talking about how he was so good?

Robert was playing nicely then he dropped his monkey on the floor so I picked it up and gave it back to him.  I am guessing I didn’t get my hand out of the way fast enough because before I knew it he chomped down on my hand.  I honestly don’t think he did it on purpose.  My reaction was to pull my hand away from his mouth and say “NO! Don’t bite Mommy!” turned around and continued my meeting.  I was waiting for the water works to start-up but there was nothing.  he went right back to playing like nothing happened.  AMAZING!!!  At home I can sternly say “No” or “Stop” or “we don’t do…blah blah blah…” and with in seconds that lower lip is quivering and the tears start flowing down his face like Niagara Falls.  He will cry so hard someone would think he was hurt.  All because he didn’t like what he was told.

I am sure this will not be the last time he bites me but I sure hope it is for a while.  those new baby teeth are brutally sharp I still have the mark on my hand.

REVIEW: Chuck E Cheese – Danvers, MA

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Safety Rating: ★★★★★

Cleanliness Rating: ★★★★★

Ride/Game Rating: ★★★★★

Price: $$ – low-cost, lots of fun!!


I took Robert to Chuck E Cheese yesterday.  WOW  What great fun!!  It is free to get in and they stamped both my hand and one for him.  His hand was a little small so they used a special sticker for his stamp with a number.  Then when we left they used a black light pen to check both my hand and his sticker to make sure we match.  I was very happy with the extra security they have in place and think more child play areas need to have this system in place.  The safety measures are one of the aspects that will make this a frequent play area for us.  They have a whole section for younger kids which was nice.  I like how there are free things for them to play and climb on.  Each ride/game is only 1 token which breaks down to 1 quarter.  the machines will give you coins for as little as 4 for $1. unlike many places which will only convert $5. and higher.

Robert had a blast on several of the kiddie rides.  He even loved the stage where Chuck E Cheese and his friends entertain.

Enjoying Chuck E Cheese

Enjoying Chuck E Cheese