My Only Christmas Wish

Star light
Star bright
First star I see tonight
I wish I may
I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight

I have only ONE Christmas Wish
I keep a twinkle of hope alive
Until there are no more gifts to unwrap
Until there are no more calls to make
Until there is no more time left in Christmas Day
But I doubt it will come true

It has been nine long months
Since they last played and
Since the sound of their laughter
filled the air

I have but only ONE Christmas wish
It is not for me per-say
It is for my son
For him to have the joy of playing with his sweet dear cousin
Because nine months is forever and a day


(c) Dawn Leoni 12/23/13
~ For My Dearest Son, Merry Christmas…

Christmas is a Time for Giving

Well I am wore out and I still have 2 days of running around to do. I have driven around and picked up a lot of items people wanted to gift to families in need for this christmas season. I was inspired by a dear friend of mine and a post she put on one of our Facebook boards. We put others before ourselves and I am sure that is what makes us such good friends. It has been a very long time since I have had a close friend like this.

When I saw her post I noticed people had said that they had stuff but she doesn’t have a car to pick stuff up.  We happened to be getting stuff from the same person and I asked if she was giving stuff to my friend and told her I would pick it up at the same time.  At that moment I knew what would really mean a lot, pick up the items people were offering and then taking them to families in need.  Some I wrapped so the families wouldn’t have to try to do that as well and other requested no wrapping so they could do that.  Turns out there are more people who need at least one present to put under their tree than I ever thought there was.  My heart breaks because I know first hand how hard it is and the struggle of being a single family income.  But, in the end it fills my heart with great joy to know that I can help put a smile on a little child’s face just by taking a little of my time to pick up and drop off some things.

Christmas is a time of year when we should think of others not ourselves.  Give to others to see their joy and never expect anything back in return. Plus it is more fun to give than to get.  2 more days of pick ups and drop offs.  YAWN  This girl needs some sleep.


Halloween and a Toddler – Take 1

We went to the park for our annual mother’s group Halloween Party.  It was a little chilly at about 46 degrees.  BURRRR  Our little guy was warm and toasty in his Dragon costume.  We spent most of the time running around after him and trying to keep him out of the “big” kid play area, which was clearly posted “ages 5 and over”.  He wanted nothing to do with the toddler play area.  I tried to snap a bunch of pictures and he was so fast that 95% of them are him looking away or running past me.  I was able to catch this shot by sheer luck when I was walking up to them from putting our bag down.  We had a blast and can’t wait to have him running around in his little Dragon costume for Halloween Trick or Treat and our towns annual party at City Hall.

Daddy Chasing the Dragon Around the Park

Daddy Chasing the Dragon Around the Park