Missing 18 Month Old Presumed Dead

This is the saddest thing I have read today. So close to Mother’s Day and this mother and her daughter will now see another one. A MISSING Child poster went viral on Facebook yesterday morning of an 18 month old little girl, Lana-Leigh Bailey, who is missing from a farm home in Ottawa, Kansas. The area police have a suspect, Kyle Trevor Flack, in custody and now believe that Lana-Leigh is dead and not missing. They have teams of police and detectives working round the clock searching on foot, ATV and horseback to search and recover the body of the missing toddler. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is sending in a team to help with the recovery process.

One of the most shocking aspects of this case is the failure to issue an amber alert. There were loopholes that allowed for the toddler’s case to fall through the cracks. Would the amber alert have helped? With the information that investigators have now, probably not, but at the time they didn’t know. Search parties continue to look for Lana-Leigh’s body.

“Bailey’s family is seeking donations to pay for her and her daughter’s funeral. A fund has been created at Unity One Credit Union, 4105 Kansas Ave., Kansas, KS, 66016. Attention: Bailey Family Fund. To wire money, call the bank at 913-342-9039.”

Check out the full heart breaking missing child article and the Amber Alert brouhaha by clicking on the linked text.