What has happened to kind caring people??

Monday was not such a good Monday for us…  So disappointed in humanity and how people have raised their children.  My son will be raised to hold doors, help someone when they need it and ALWAYS assist a person who has been injured especially if they have a small child with them.

Sprained my ankle and my knee is all tore up…  I now know how well-behaved my 2 yr old is and how uncaring people in Gloucester, Massachusetts are.  I was at Market Basket Foods and fell on the uneven path to my car.  The path was not flush with the ground it has a dip down like a little gutter.   I had groceries on one arm and toddler holding my other hand.

Initially when I fell my son said “uttohh, mommy ok?”  Then he looked at my “booboo” and burst into tears.  I had no clue what it looked like.  I thought I had skinned my knee a little so I pulled him close and told him “mommy is ok but my booboo hurts a lot and we needed to rest for a minute before mommy can stand up.”

He sat right down with me, still crying “mommy ok??” over and over.  A man, maybe in his mid to late 20’s watched us the entire time.  From when we were walking, as I fell, as my toddler burst into tears when he saw my knee bleeding, and me getting up and hobbling to the car groceries and a toddler following as closely as he could.  I was down for a couple of minutes unable to move my foot and trying to block the pain from my mind so I could muster the will to get up and get us home.

What happened to people helping a mother with a toddler???  I am beginning to see the crappy side of people in the City of Gloucester, MA.

All cleaned up and still oozing blood 7 hours after the fall.

I took this picture this is 7 hours after the first cleaning and it has finally stopped gushing blood.  It is a nice deep skinned knee.  I have never skinned my knee so bad that it was still raw and bleeding 7 hours later.