Breastfeeding Wednesday – Nursing while Sick

With flu season in full swing this question was asked via email

Dear Dawn,
I have recently started to feel sick and I exclusively breastfeed.  I have pumped milk but my 9 month old has never had anything other than my boob.  I have heard that I should stop breastfeeding but that doesn’t make sense to me.  What did you do and do you have any suggestions?

Dear Mikella,

I nursed non-stop.  If you are feeling sick due to a common cold or sinus irritation I would continue to nurse.  I nursed even when I was sick.  When you breastfeed while you are sick you are passing your antibodies to your baby.  It is like giving your baby additional resistance to being sick.  If you are sick for a prolonged period and you need to see a doctor for your sickness I would make sure to ask them what they think you should do.  In some cases the Doctor will put you on medication that could pass to the baby through your milk.  In that event you want to make sure you pump as much as your baby would eat.

Check with your doctor to see what medications you can take while nursing but my one warning…  Don’t take Sudafed or anything that will “dry” up your sinuses.  If it will dry up your sinuses it could have a direct impact on the amount of milk you will produce.  Steam showers, vick’s vapor rub, Johnson & Johnson vapor baby bath wash, and hot tea were my go to items.  I hope you feel better soon and you and your little one stay healthy.


Breastfeeding Wednesday – Working Mama

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I was contacted by Shoele of the Working Mama Project.  She has read my personal blog about breastfeeding and has shared with me her wonderful project.

I see that you write a lot about breastfeeding and think that this project might be an interesting topic for you. I have made photo project called Working Mama with focus on the beauty and nature of breastfeeding. I hope that you would like to support my project.
Best regards,

She is putting together a coffee table book with photos of Mother’s breastfeeding.  I admire what she is doing as to me it seems so beautiful to see a mother breastfeeding her baby.  In other countries Breastfeeding isn’t shameful like it is made to feel here in the US.  I will admit I was a mom who was proud to breastfeed in public.  For the most part I used a cover but when the little guy grew so he didn’t like them I nursed without one.  I am excited to see Shoele’s dream of having a coffee table book come true.  Check out her video and her crowd-funding page.  Even if you don’t give, it is interesting to share in her dream.  I look forward to the release of her book.

On a personal note: I often look at breastfeeding mamas with such awe and I smile at them.  When my supply started to drop seeing a mama breastfeed with ease would make me sad because I wished breastfeeding was an easy venture for me.  Oh but was it ever hard yet so rewarding and special.  Words can’t describe the love I have for breastfeeding.  I know many moms who wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t for one reason or another.  I also know moms who never had the wish to breastfeed yet they all were supportive of my decision to breastfeed as long as possible.

In support of the Working Mama Project here is my favorite picture of breastfeeding my son.  Our youngest cat liked to lay behind our son as he breastfed until he got too big, then she would lay at my feet or on my legs.  To this day she sleeps next to his crib at night and for naps.  On occasion she will sleep in our room with us.

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My Favorite Breastfeeding Moment

My Favorite Breastfeeding Moment

Monday Movie Review – The Butler

Movie Rating ♥♥♥♥♥ (5/5)  Movie Trailer Posted below.

My MoMWoW Post for today:

Monday Movie Review – The Butler

The Baby and Me movie was canceled today so in honor of the holiday I am reviewing “The Butler“. I got it out of the RedBox this past weekend to share with my fiancée. I saw it in the theater as a Baby and Me movie and loved it.  This film is based very closely onMr. Eugene Allen‘s life.  There are only a few minor differences between the movie life of Mr Gaines and the real life of Mr. Allen.

The Butler is an excellent movie and in my opinion it should be the movie of the year.  It really helped me to get a feel for the civil rights movement.  It is amazing to see how far our country has come in the span of Mr. Gaines life.  From the poverty of being a slave picking cotton with his family to being the most respected butler in the United States.  This story had my emotions from sad to laughing a little.  The first emotional scene is when you hear his mother being raped and shortly after seeing his father murdered right in front of him when he was a boy.  The eldest woman of the house takes him in and teaches him to be a house servant. (I will not re-use their terms as it is degrading and disrespectful to everyone)  The path Mr. Gaines and his family had to take was one that shows great courage and sacrifice.  He leaves the farm when he is of age and sets out to find a better life for himself.  He gets caught breaking into a hotel pastry shop and ends up with a job there.  After a period of time there he learns about how to read people and give them what they want even before they know what they want.  Once he takes a job in DC and proves himself by working at a fancy hotel he is requested to go to the White House for the position of a Butler.  During his time as a butler in the White House he sees more changes in civil rights.  His oldest son becomes involved with the movement inspired by Martin Luther King, Jr. and takes trips on the freedom bus.  Shortly after Dr. King is assassinated the son turns to the teachings of the panthers until he finds out that they are not what he was expecting.  But, his actions came with the consequence of losing the respect of his parents and their relationship was void.  Through all the struggles the son and father end up making up after Mr. Gaines and his wife attend the State Dinner as guests of Mrs. Reagan.  During that dinner is when he realizes the two faces that the butlers have and this doesn’t set well with him.  He resigns from his position and goes to his son and they begin to mend their relationship.  When it cuts forward to the election of President Obama I realized how much it meant to the senior generation to see a half black – half white president elected to office.  They lived through the battles to be come equal and got to see something that they never dreamed possible.

This movie gets a 5 out of 5 hankie rating – Make sure you have a tissue box.  Even my fiancée teared up and he doesn’t cry over movies.  Now me on the other hand, I am a teary woman.  I love getting into movies and feeling what the characters are feeling so I cried a lot during this film.  I recommend this movie to everyone.  I also think it should be a movie that schools should have to show either in an assembly during Black History Month or sometime during their Jr. high or high school years in a history class.