My New Adventure as a Mystery Shopper

I watched an episode on the Katie Show about a month ago about how a girl paid for her student loans by doing mystery shopping.  So I thought there had to be a catch, right?  So I did a little research and found MSPA North America.  I have never enjoyed something so much.  My first few shops were perfect.  I was beginning to wonder if I wasn’t going to have a “bad shop”.  Maybe I was too lenient.  Then it happened, I had my first bad shop and to top it off it was the store manager of the place I had to rate poorly.  Overall it has been so much fun.  I joined an agency where I shop places of entertainment and Robert and I get to enjoy fun things while I make money doing something we would do anyway.  Another nice thing about doing these is I can do them when I travel too.  I am loving it but i need to find a way to balance everything in my life.  That is the tricky part.

There are easy shops that can be done from home that are only a quick phone call or a web evaluation.  The ones from the house pay between $4.00 – $6.00 for 5 minutes of my time.  Most of the surveys are quick.  I have learned that the shops that pay the most generally have the longest and most detailed surveys with a bunch of narratives.  I did a big one that required a 7 hour evaluation and the survey took about 6 hours to complete the pay was about $115 for my time and 4 free tickets to return in the future.  That is awesome because now we have 2 free family trips there.  AMAZING.  Most of the shops break down to about $0.50 per minute (or $30.00/hour).  Not a bad way to bring in a little extra cash.

If you’re interested in doing mystery shopping in your area:

Catching up …

The last week has been a flurry of heat (temps near 95-100), failure, grumpiness, sadness, elation, and so many more events and emotions.  I failed with the AC installment but I now have 5 fans rotating the air around the apartment.  So far so good the average temp in the apt has maintained a high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit on the hot days.

Robert seemed to have seemingly endless days of poop explosions.  Poor kid, I was beside myself trying to get him to even eat something.  It was rough.  He wanted to be held, then he would want to be free to run around then  he wanted to snuggle…  it was a long week of separation anxiety to the MAX.  Finally he is eating normal and his poop is getting back on track with no explosions.  Before we left for the zoo Monday I made sure to pack 2 changes of clothes and extra wipes.  He had 2 explosive poops before we left, but to be on the safe side I left the change of clothes in his bag.  It was a nice outing with the other mom’s in our group and I am pleased that he didn’t have a major poop overflow until we got home and started playing.

I was at my wit’s end for a few days.  Absolutely nothing seemed to be going our way.  But the clouds have seemed to start breaking up.  I now have office space and have started working on new packaging ideas for my baby products.  I got a job working as a mystery shopper, which I will show the “How To” later in another post.  But I will say this.  It has helped me feel like I am helping out with the house even if it isn’t a lot of money it is something.

Robert is now walking like a champ but this also requires a lot more of my attention as he can now move around a lot faster and can get into more things.  Going to the park is a lot more fun now that he is walking.  I have started letting him climb up and go over to the slide and slide down all by himself like a big boy.  Of course I am right next to him as he climbs the steps, tots over to the slide and catch him at the bottom.  He has a blast.

This next week will be an exciting one as we start getting settled in the new office and really start to work with the 3D printing machine.