A Toddler’s Head is Like a Block of Concrete

I always knew my son had a hard head.  This evening I learned just how hard it is.  His head collided with my face as he jumped and fell full force in to me.  The result…  A trip to the Emergency Room for me, where my loving almost 3 year old tells the lady at the desk “I hurt my Mommy’s nose” followed by the demand of “Fix it …(pause) Mommy’s nose bleeding”.

When we get into the room I get the chair and he gets the bed…  He didn’t even share with me.  But mainly because my head hurt so much that I didn’t want to fight with him over me needing to relax.  After about an hour of waiting, playing trucks and listening to a toddler down the hall crying in pain, and the teen in the bed next to me whining like a 2 year old my little man needed to be taken outside.   His daddy is the best.  He has been sick for a couple days and insisted he take me to the ER, which I am grateful beyond words that he did.  He had to take our stubborn and misbehaving toddler out to the car to wait.  He drove him around to try to calm him down and that wasn’t working so he called me.  Thankfully right as he called I was waiting on my discharge papers and would be right out.

Earlier this evening he said the statement “I smash mommy’s face” with an evil little snicker like he was proud of it.  Thankfully, as I was writing that my little guy looks at me with angelic eyes and repeats “I smash mommy’s face with my head.  I’m sorry Mommy” and gives me a kiss.  I love this kid more than anything.  and this one is a story for his Baby Book “The Day I Broke Mommy’s Nose”

The result of my toddler’s concrete hard head colliding with my face:

1. a broken nose
2. possibly a tiny break in my cheek bone
3. bloody nose that is still bleeding almost 6 hours later.
4. swollen sinuses
5. blood draining down my throat. (YUCK)
6. a wicked headache that neither Tylenol nor Ibuprofen is helping to relieve.
7. a referral to an ENT for next week…