Tragedy Strikes the #Boston Marathon

This is close to home.  Yesterday’s attack on the innocent people in Boston, Ma was not only horrific but very, very sad.  I don’t know if it has a bigger impact on me now that I am a mom but the thought that there were children injured and killed is heartbreaking.  It is always sad to hear of innocent adults and children getting hurt in events like this but for some reason at an event such as the Marathon makes you really ask “why”.  With 176 people hurt, 17 in critical condition and 3 dead it seems horrible but it could have been so much worse had they not had so many emergency people, military personnel and volunteer staff on hand for the event and leaders with enough forethought to shut down all cell service to prevent remote detonation.  In the moments following the explosions it was amazing to see the amount of general spectators who rushed in to help out with the initial evaluation of trauma.

As a psychology major I can’t help but wonder a few things.  From what was the person or persons who did this thinking to how will it effect the children.  The youngest reported was 2 or 3 years old.  Will they remember this, will this event be burned into their subconscious, will they develop fears of public places or large events, how will this event effect the older children?  So many questions that many may not be answered until the children are older or even adults.  Then I wonder how will this event shape future mass public events and how will patriots day be remembered in the future?  We are keeping the victims, their friends & family in our thoughts.

As a North Shore resident and an American citizen I hope they catch who ever put this plan in motion and the perpetrator who carried the plan out and not only prosecute him/her to the fullest extent of national law but also make his/her death a public event.  We need to bring back the public hangings and public punishments.   OH YES I went there and YES I know we are all about “human rights” in this country but I ask you, if this person/group is found guilty do they deserve to be treated like a human or should they be publicly punished?  My opinion, if the person(s) are captured, tried and found guilty then they should be executed in a public place with international news coverage.  And I am not talking about a lethal injection death it should be a death that the public in this nation and other nations alike can see that the US means business when it come to protecting the citizens and international visitors.  Maybe this seems harsh but I believe we have gotten much to lax with punishments for major crimes like these in this country.

On a side note, the IRS is extending the tax deadline for those that qualify.  That is nice but I would think that those who were there probably already had their taxes done.  I thought this was a little silly, but a nice gesture none the less.