Breastfeeding Wednesday – Playtex Breast Pump Review

Playtex Electric Double Breast Pump

This is my second favorite breast pump.  I have tried many types and brands.  I like the cushions on the cups.  They helped the cups feel more comfortable while pumping.  Because they were soft my breasts didn’t get sore. I spent many hours a day hooked up to the pump so comfort was one of my top priorities.

I liked that when I was pumping I was pumping into the bottle liner. I would then transfer the milk to a storage container but the liners took out one part in need of sterilization. For moms who will be pumping for their significant other, or someone else, to feed the baby it is perfect. You can assemble the bottle after pumping and store appropriately.

The ability to control the suction was wonderful. I was able to adjust it to the flow of my milk. No two pumping sessions were the same. There is also the ability to pump one breast at a time which worked nicely if my son would nurse on only one side or if I felt fuller on one side.