Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Boy!!

It is really amazing to think that 2 years ago I was in the middle of hard labor at this hour.  I was giving our little guy pep talks about how nice it would be to come out into the world and be with his Mommy and Daddy.  He was stubborn then and I should have realized it was just the beginning.  He is a strong-willed little toddler who has grown so much before our eyes.  He turns 2 today and the poor thing is sick.  We started his birthday celebrations last weekend to kick off his Birthday Week and with him being sick we have delayed the Grand Finale to his Birthday week giving him 2 weeks of birthday goodness.  LOL

Last year he had a double ear infection, thanks to his 1 year molars.  I would love to blame this bout of sinus and respiratory bug on his molars too but I am sure it is more a combination of the yo-yo weather from 40 degrees one day to 9 degrees the next and that we go to public play places all the time to run around.  So my poor little sicky pants spends another birthday sick.  bahhhh!!

New Neighbors and the Disturbances Begin…

So my non-believer in ghosts love just asked to sleep with the lights on. HAH umm I made a smart comment “I wonder how long before the new neighbors see the resident entities. (mind you he has seen and acknowledged the “ghost cat” we have.)

He says “huh?”

I reply “Didn’t I tell you about Kelly, the Virgin Mary, her rosary and the ghost woman standing over her bed one night?”

He says “aah NO!!”

I was like “oh, ok”

Then he comments “So are you going to tell me now”

… needless to say, I told him and now he is creeped out. HAHA  Something heavy and clangy dropped above us(there is nothing above us but our drop ceiling) and he exclaims “I heard a noise, I am going to get Bobby!”

I said “Bobby’s fine”

Then I get told “If he so much as sneezes I am bringing him in here with us.”

HAHAHA So much for my non-believer. ❤ I love him.  Then I reminded him of the first night we put Bobby to bed in his room alone and we heard very loud and clear “HEY!” in the baby monitor.  HAHA  He says, “we are moving ASAP”

I mumbled “you don’t think there are ghosts in NY?”

I am still silently laughing.

Leaps and Bounds … Our Little Guy is Amazing!!

People thought I was nuts when I was pregnant buying the little guy flashcards of colors, numbers, shapes and the alphabet. Well…

I have done the alphabet cards (and the others as well) with R since he was about a year old (maybe sooner). I would tell his daddy what he was doing but the other day my heart melted. We went to visit daddy at work and I put R down so he could wander. He went to the “Paper Only” sign and pointed at the A and said “ah” then pointed at the E and said “ee”. He did it on his own with no coaching and he did it a few times. Yesterday when I showed him the “A” card he said “Ah”…”Ba”(for b)… “Ka”(like the cat minus the “t”).. “Da”.. “E” and clapped.

AMAZING how their brains are little sponges.

R is almost 20 months old 😀

Solo with 18 month old Road Trip Prep

I am preparing for a solo 10 hour road trip with my 18 month old son.  Yup, you read the correctly.  Just me and a toddler for 10 hours in a car.

Here is what I have done so far:


  • pouches for fruits/veggies
  • goldfish
  • crackers
  • PBJ sandwiches



  • extra diapers & wipes

I know I have to be missing something… Any suggestions for me so I keep up my sanity?  HAHA

I will blog as we take our journey which starts on Wednesday morning bright and early.

Crib Climbing Should be a Sport.

yes, the day has come that he has decided to try to climb out of his crib.  OH BOY we are doomed.  I don’t want him in a toddler bed now.  I was hoping we would make it until at least 2 before we had to worry about that.  16.5 months seems so young for a toddler bed.  But a big boy bed is better than him trying to climb out of his crib and falling.  YIKES, the thought of that scares me.

His Day started at 5 am.  Time for 1st nap:: I put him in his crib.  He acts like he is going to sleep then a few minutes later I hear the frustrated cry.  I ignore it for a couple of minutes and then I go into his room and he looks at me with one leg up on the side of the crib and says “down”.  I help him get his leg down I and lay him back down.  Leave and moments later I hear “arrrrrg, down” followed by the frustrated squeal of a cry.  I go in to help him again and as I started to repeat the process of putting his leg down he says “stop, up”  At this point he is wide awake and I am exhausted.

A Long Day Ahead!!!  When is the right age to start using a toddler bed?

REVIEW: Chuck E Cheese – Danvers, MA

Overall Rating: ★★★★★

Safety Rating: ★★★★★

Cleanliness Rating: ★★★★★

Ride/Game Rating: ★★★★★

Price: $$ – low-cost, lots of fun!!


I took Robert to Chuck E Cheese yesterday.  WOW  What great fun!!  It is free to get in and they stamped both my hand and one for him.  His hand was a little small so they used a special sticker for his stamp with a number.  Then when we left they used a black light pen to check both my hand and his sticker to make sure we match.  I was very happy with the extra security they have in place and think more child play areas need to have this system in place.  The safety measures are one of the aspects that will make this a frequent play area for us.  They have a whole section for younger kids which was nice.  I like how there are free things for them to play and climb on.  Each ride/game is only 1 token which breaks down to 1 quarter.  the machines will give you coins for as little as 4 for $1. unlike many places which will only convert $5. and higher.

Robert had a blast on several of the kiddie rides.  He even loved the stage where Chuck E Cheese and his friends entertain.

Enjoying Chuck E Cheese

Enjoying Chuck E Cheese


Question of the Day: Baby Bully Neighbor – How do you address the issue without “tattling” to the landlord?

For those of you who are new to the blog please check out my post “Question of the Day:  When does an unruly neighbor cross the line to Baby Bullying?”  Reading that post first you will get an idea of the level of insanity we are dealing with.


So, the evening started fine.  Got Robert fed and put to bed before I headed out to my Mary Kay training.  I heard the little guy cry as I left the house and Sean went in to his room and got him.  When I got home I asked his daddy how the night went and this is what he told me happened.

Robert was playing with his blocks and walking around his toy chest fighting sleep.  The guy down stairs started pounding.  When daddy saw that the little guy was sleepy and ready to pass out he put him in his crib and he fell asleep almost instantly.  Then the guy started to pound again and so loud that it woke up the baby.  WTF…  So Sean had to calm the overtired baby again.  I don’t go out much so daddy is new to the overtired baby crying and he was awesome.  Robert was sound a sleep when I got home and the pounding was faint more like a banging by the time I started blogging this.

All I know is I am VERY protective of my baby and he better be glad I wasn’t home for his bullying of my baby because I would have marched downstairs with a crying baby and me in tears and laid the guilt trip on THICK.  Heaven help him if the guilt trip ever stops working.  I don’t know what I would do if I felt threatened.  All I know is my Irish Italian temper would not be pretty when mixed with protective mama bear instincts.

Sean ignored the pounding and resisted the urge to go down and be protective papa bear.  (I am so proud of his self-control)  I wanted to go bang on his door the moment Sean told me what happened tonight while I was out.  But instead I am venting my anger here because I really don’t know what to do.  it was one thing for him to pound when the baby was playing and barreling across the floor (still unacceptable) but when the baby is asleep and he pounds waking him up should be a crime.  I should mention the baby finally went to sleep at 8pm.

How would you handle this?  Because that guys actions tonight make me very concerned about Sean and I leaving at the same time and having a baby sitter here.  If we have a baby sitter here what should I tell them to do?  Should I tell them it is ok to call the cops?  What do you do about someone who bullies a 15 month old baby?

Skeletor Bully

Last night Robert was playing with his daddy.  They were playing chase (crawling) and he was tickling Robert.  Sean grabbed Roberts stuffed Skeletor Doll and added it into the chase.  Robert was saying “Mum mum mum” then running the other direction and then Sean says “will mommy save you from Skeletor?”  Robert runs over to me and Sean catches up so I tickle Robert and he crawls away squealing and laughing.  He crawled over to where he had one of his spoons, grabbed it and attacked Skeletor.  What do we do but laugh.  So Sean has Skeletor sneak tickle again and Robert grabs him and bops him in the head with the spoon tosses him over his shoulder then grabs him up and hits him in the head.  Again all we could do was laugh and then Sean says “we probably shouldn’t laugh.”  I replied “You are probably right, we don’t want to create a bully baby.”  Then we laughed at each other and Robert looked at both of us blankly, smiled and laughed too.