REVIEW: Squishy Snak Pak

Rating: ★★★★✩

Squishy Snak Pak

Squishy Snak Pak 01 Squishy Snak Pak 02

I love these pouches.  I got them on a recommendation of a friend since our little guy loves the Earths Best pre-made pouches.  I now can purée what ever we eat and our little guy can enjoy a snack on the go without having to stop and feed him other than regular meals.  Is a cost effective way to give the little guy a snack.  The open from the bottom and hold about 3.3 ozs without having a hard time closing.  But I haven’t mastered the “do it yourself” pouch yet.  They are fairly easy to clean as well.  Overall, I am very satisfied with the pouches.