Super Fabulous Post – GONE

Ugggg  don’t you hate it when you spend time looking stuff up, writing a blog piece to accidentally hit the “X” button and close the browser?

Sure, sure, I could totally write it all again but I’m not going to.  Maybe out of sheer laziness but mostly I would rather just rant and be unproductive for a moment.  That is what a blog is for, to capture raw emotion.  You can’t get more raw that accidentally deleting your post, opening a new browser to find you didn’t “Save Draft”.

Grrrr  the frustration…..

Oh well…  That is my rant this morning.  Maybe I will take a nap while the baby naps and the day will be smooth sailing after we get up and get going.  This waking 5:30 in the morning stuff is so draining.  Thank you Mr Sun for coming over the horizon around 5 am and causing the birds to start squawking like they are dying..


Vine Video – Dinnertime Fun

I do find it annoying that I can’t actually embed the video without paying wordpress a fee of $60.00 per year.  Why do I have to pay that when the video isn’t even being stored in their system?

Grrrr  ok enough of my rant.  For Vine Videos I will simply include the link for them to to be viewed through Vine and a small synopsis.

Vine Video – Dinnertime Fun

Robert was being a ham so I grabbed the iPad and made a 6 second Vine Video.