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I was contacted by Shoele of the Working Mama Project.  She has read my personal blog about breastfeeding and has shared with me her wonderful project.

I see that you write a lot about breastfeeding and think that this project might be an interesting topic for you. I have made photo project called Working Mama with focus on the beauty and nature of breastfeeding. I hope that you would like to support my project.
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She is putting together a coffee table book with photos of Mother’s breastfeeding.  I admire what she is doing as to me it seems so beautiful to see a mother breastfeeding her baby.  In other countries Breastfeeding isn’t shameful like it is made to feel here in the US.  I will admit I was a mom who was proud to breastfeed in public.  For the most part I used a cover but when the little guy grew so he didn’t like them I nursed without one.  I am excited to see Shoele’s dream of having a coffee table book come true.  Check out her video and her crowd-funding page.  Even if you don’t give, it is interesting to share in her dream.  I look forward to the release of her book.

On a personal note: I often look at breastfeeding mamas with such awe and I smile at them.  When my supply started to drop seeing a mama breastfeed with ease would make me sad because I wished breastfeeding was an easy venture for me.  Oh but was it ever hard yet so rewarding and special.  Words can’t describe the love I have for breastfeeding.  I know many moms who wanted to breastfeed but couldn’t for one reason or another.  I also know moms who never had the wish to breastfeed yet they all were supportive of my decision to breastfeed as long as possible.

In support of the Working Mama Project here is my favorite picture of breastfeeding my son.  Our youngest cat liked to lay behind our son as he breastfed until he got too big, then she would lay at my feet or on my legs.  To this day she sleeps next to his crib at night and for naps.  On occasion she will sleep in our room with us.

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My Favorite Breastfeeding Moment

My Favorite Breastfeeding Moment

GoFundMe – Update

I have reached 6% funded.  I know it doesn’t sound like much but that is HUGE.  It means I am only $40.00 short of getting my business license.  🙂  Thank you Ellen Leoni for helping fund my campaign.  🙂  Spread the word,  Click it, Share it, Fund it!!

GoFundMe 2013

GoFundMe Update

Well, we made it through the first day with a couple donations 🙂  Thank you to Freddie Hubbard and one of my “Mommy Friends”

I am having a little frustration with the design I am working on.  Maybe because I can be a bit of a perfectionist but I can’t get it just perfect.  So I will not post it until I have it just right.  I will be working on it again today during nap times.

GoFundMe is Active and Ready for Your Donation.

GoFundMe site is up and ready for your donations.  Visit and check out the rewards.  Remember this is Stage 1 – the “Getting Started Stage” and as soon as we reach our $1000.00 goal I will get started on Stage 2 – Production.

All rewards will be sent out with-in 7-14 days after the $1000.00 goal is met.

GoFundMe – Almost Ready to Launch

My initial GoFundMe Project is to cover the initial start-up cost for trademarking, supplies, licenses, and copyrighting.  The second stage will be more inclusive to product development.  So here is a quick breakdown of the costs I will have.

the trademark – $375

copyrights – $65

business license fees – $100

sewing machine & accessories – $120

fabric – $60

the cost of Limited Edition GoFundMe Supporter T-shirts & project fees – $280

Total start-up fees are $1000.00

I will post when we have reached a goal, document each task as we complete it, and post pictures of the progress we make along the way.  I look forward to taking this journey with you as I build and launch a new line of baby products.  There will be rewarded levels and if you just want to donate some money to the cause you can do that too.