Proud to be a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM)

I just finished reading a blog about stay at home moms written by the husband of a SAHM.  I am inspired!!  I know my SO teases me about the toys everywhere when he gets home but he has seen the path of destruction as I pick toys up the little toddler monster comes behind me and destroys all the neatness.  But he knows I

The biggest complement I got was when we were visiting his Daddy at work he walked over to a sign pointed at the E and said “E” then proceeded to point to the A and say “A”.  He is 20 months old.  I work with him every day with numbers, colors, letters, shapes and so much more.  I treat every moment as a teachable moment.  He can sign more words than he can speak but I haven’t noticed any delay with speech as a lot of times he will say and sign at the same time a word.  When we are out for walks I do “show and tell” with him.  We see flowers and I say the color of the flower and point to it.  A lot of times it sounds like he is trying to copy me.

Do stay home Moms(or Dads) have it easier?  I think it is a wash.  Do I need a break?  Some days I love nap time so I can sneak in a nap too. And the tantrums… oh boy I know we are just getting started but they can be brutal.  Those days I think of how lucky Working moms have it sending their kids to daycare or having child care, someone else gets to deal with it.  Those are the moments the grass is greener, but they are very few and far in between.  I am glad to stay home with my little guy knowing I am teaching him and not a stranger.  For me, the best reward is watching him learn and blossom into such a bright little boy.