Rambling – 24 hours in to my Weight Loss Reboot

I am now officially 24 hours into my new weight loss journey.  I haven’t started the thyroid meds yet but I did start the Phentermine 37.5 mg/day in the morning.  WOW  I felt great yesterday.  So great I finally took the air conditioner out of the living room window that I have dreaded doing for a few weeks.  It is nice to have energy.  So far the only side effect I have is the increased energy.  I took it early enough that I slept very good, well by the time I finally fell asleep @ 1:00 am.  I woke up full of energy and ready to go.

Then I dropped the french press full of coffee.  EEKKKK!!!!  Thank goodness for back up french presses.  Come to think of it, I think my mood is even more chipper than usual.  On the swing side it has also made me a little mushy.  Well, I am not so sure if it is the meds making me mushy or if I am feeling emotional while processing the information I got from the Dr about my thyroid.  Things I didn’t know that I partly wish I had known earlier and partly am glad I didn’t know.  I just focus on my healthy and very smart toddler and then I don’t question a thing, until I lose focus.

Well off to work more on my book…  Ahh yes, I have started compiling a top-secret book that I hope to have ready and in print before Christmas. 🙂


My Weight Loss Journey – Update

To be completely honest…  Life got busy…  There wasn’t time… Summer time happened…  Oh I can think of a million and one reasons why I got derailed from my journey, but that must be all part of my path to walk.  The only one accountable for me is me.

Yesterday I had my first visit with an endocrinologist.  HE IS FABULOUS!!!  He went over my blood work and showed me where one of my thyroid hormones is a little raised and by a little I am talking with in 1 point from the highest “normal” level.  He is treating me, the person not me, the patient.  his bedside manner is fabulous.  He understands the challenges and keeps it real.  When I mean real he pulls up on his computer “scenarios” that would not happen to me and says “right”.  hah  it is great.  They are things that “could” happen but with weight loss he thinks that my body can correct itself.

Before I get to “our plan of action” here is what I have done that hasn’t really been working to lose weight. Eating healthy – CHECK (mostly)
Walking at least 1 mile a day – CHECK
Working out to Richard Simmons….  ugggg  not so much 😦


cut down our carb intake, kind of a no brainer.  I didn’t think we were eating a lot but gosh darn it carbs are in just about EVERYTHING.  He has put me on the lowest dose of thyroid medication.  We have added in Phentermine which I have used in the past with good results and littler effort.  I use the term “we” because he includes me in the medical plan.  He really listens to what I want for me, give advise (medical and non medical), and we talked about plans of actions and what he thought would work best.

Most impressive thing about my visit was he dictated my patient notes right while I was in the room.  ❤  I think everyone should be so lucky to have such a wonderful doctor.  Now lets hope in 2 months when I go back my numbers are lower.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life starting with baby steps.  I will make it a point to do a weekly weight check when my little guy and I go to our baby and me swim class.

Starting weight – 221lbs  Starting clothing size 18/20 pants  lg-XL shirts