Boston Strong Concert

I was writing another blog when I saw a flash in my Facebook ticker that the Boston Strong Concert was doing a LIVE Feed.  It was like I was sent back to middle and high school.  WOW  I feel old.  But boy oh boy I do love old school boy bands.  I am singing along and Sean is laughing at me… Or maybe he is laughing because some of these old guys are more pitchy than I am.  Oh and I am Deaf in one ear so I have a reason to be pitchy.  Over all so far this is a wonderful show they have put together and I am so happy they are doing a live feed.  I wanted to go but since we have a little one and no babysitter This is the next best thing.  Heck it is like having a front row seat, I don’t have to deal with driving in the traffic and I can sit here in my PJ’s and multitask.

Boston Strong

It is so inspiring to see so many people come together for Boston.  It is a mix of honor, music and a pep rally.  It is so nice to see the strong American Pride.  The amount of pride shone reminds me of the Southern American Pride I experienced when I lived in Gainesville, Florida.  I am having a wonderful time sitting here enjoying the concert.  JAMES TAYLOR  ::smiles::

And so many more artists to catch.