Review: KozyShack’s new Indulgent Recipe

If you are looking for a homemade taste in a convenient single serve package then you will love KozyShack’s new Indulgent Recipe.  It is rich and creamy.  The flavors are so pure you can taste all the ingredients.  It is elegant enough to scoop out into your fancy china dessert cups and serve as a dessert at a fancy holiday dinner party.


Back in the Review Saddle

Feels good to be back at it.  Look forward to many more reviews coming your way.

Coming up: A pudding review

End Common Core in Massachusetts

I am a firm believer that all the common core standards do is dumb our kids down.  It also takes the teaching freedom away from the teachers.  They no longer can go on the cool side tangents that used to make a teacher stand out.  I had a teacher once who liked to teach us outside hands on.  Scrap the book and really let us get our hands dirty while we learned.  I look at some of this common core “stuff” and think, YIKES.  My son is 3 and he is brilliant.  I know all parents say that but he is doing kindergarten work.  Not because I force him but because he has a natural ability to learn.  I teach him at his pace but thanks to the government standards he can’t even start homeschooling until he is 5.5 years old.  by that point he will be ready academically for second grade.

I know by the time he is 8-10 years old his learning will start to level out with some kids his own age but if it doesn’t I don’t want him penalized because he is smart.  I am not teaching him common core BS because I believe it takes away from the student.

Let’s unite and END Common Core in Massachusetts!  join the Facebook page and sign the petition to get this repeal on the voting ticket.  We can END common core for good but we need to work as a solid unit.

New Product Reviews coming via Reviewsio

I have just joined up for a beta program that launches next week.  I am so excited to review more products on amazon. is different than most 3rd party review sites.  In addition to review products the reviewers have a chance to earn points, rank up, and participate in random giveaways.
Here are the cliff notes:

Earning points by referring friends, sharing on a personal blog/website,  Get FREE products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.  It is as easy as looking at the products up for review and choosing products.  Once selected to review a product you get a discount code.  Place your order on amazon, use the review code, check out, wait for product to arrive, test it out, review and keep the product.

Sounds too good to be true?  Not at all!  Check it out, look at the page, read about them and join.  There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I am inviting everyone to check out Reviewsio.  Click on my link and it will take you to the most amazing new review site launching October 1, 2015.


Review: Progo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

These Progo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth work amazing. The tiny dust particles were attracted to this cloth like a magnet. I was amazed at how well it worked. I used it on my laptop, iPad and my eye glasses.

Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥


Review: CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve

I get really bad pain in my ankle due to small cysts that are weaved around my muscles.  I wasn’t expecting relief so quickly.  The CopperJoint Compression Ankle Sleeve fit perfectly and slid on nicely.  It was a perfect fit, not too tight and not too loose.  I wore it for about 24 hours and it was so nice to be pain free for that time.  I took it off for another day and by the end of the day the pain and throbbing was back.  I put the sleeve back on and the pain gradually went away.

Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥


Red Eye and Sniffle Free

We tried out Claritin’s Children’s Syrup for a few days. My 3 year old son has severe year round allergies. We typically don’t go to playgrounds because he is so sensitive to the wood chips most use as ground cover. Pollen is him mortal enemy. Children’s Claritin Syrup helped him have 15 hours of symptom free day including a few hours of outdoor play at the local park. It was nice seeing him be a kid with out his eyes puffing up and getting all red. By reducing his symptoms his breathing was easier and there were no sniffles. I am one happy mama.

I recommend Children’s Claritin to parents with kids of all levels of seasonal allergies. I am sure the less sensitive the child to seasonal allergies the longer the Claritin will last. For us 15 hours is AMAZING.

I received a product sample via #BzzAgent and #Claritin to test in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

Review: Lavender Essential Oil – Big 4 Oz – From Bulgaria

I love lavender oil. it is nice to add a few drops to my son’s bath to help relax him in the evening. Today while repairing his favorite monkey I took the opportunity to add a few drops into the stuffing of his monkeys head. He loves it. He snuggled up to it and thanked me for making monkey all better and smelling good. It is very potent so 1 drop will go a long way.

Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥


Review: Baby Pacifier & Animal Pacifier Holder Set – Reindeer CuddlyPal

The Reindeer on this Baby Pacifier & Animal Pacifier Holder Set was very soft and lovable. It is the perfect size for a baby/infant. I like how the pacifiers can be taken off and changed out. the pacifier that came with it is a good quality and has a nice cap for the nipple which makes keeping the nipple sanitary while in the diaper bag or purse. It is well stitched and looks like it will hold up for a long time.

Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥


Autism Big Give Day

I’m supporting the Big Give for Autism on September 17, 2015.  Here is our story:  

Many of you know my son was diagnosed with high functioning Autism in March.  This was a huge step in helping him develop and move forward in life.  A lot of people are still in the dark about Autism and think things like “why do you have your son labeled”, “He seems normal” or “You shouldn’t label him, it will follow him forever”.  Yes, to most people he “seems” normal, and that is why he is high functioning but he has his own hurdles to over come.  Yes, Autism will be with him forever and not because I had him tested but because it is part of who he is.  What does this mean?  My son is special and unique like every other kid, sure right now he has a slight advantage in the academic arena but I can’t say if his advanced level is because he is autistic or if it is because I have been teaching him since the moment he was born.  I heard things like “why are you doing flashcards, he is just a baby” and “you should let him be a kid”.  Well, in my mind, babies come into this world with all types of knowledge and unless we as parents harness it from the beginning it gets lost as they get older.  So, yes I was the mom who was teaching her newborn colors, letters, shapes and so on.

Let’s get back to Autism.  Some people think it should be hush hush and something to be ashamed up but my little guy has far grater things in life he will need to deal with as he gets older and having the knowledge of where to start helping him cope with someone the different aspects is key to helping him have a happy normal childhood.   Before we started working with him on social integration by sending him to pre-school he was the child that would hyper-focus on trains for hours, not paying attention to anything or anyone around him.  He didn’t want to interact with other kids and if more than 3-4 kids were around he would go into his bubble and do his own thing.

Our newest hurdle is screaming, the blood curdling scream that makes you go cold.  If someone is in his way, blocking him or too close to him he will freeze and scream bloody murder until they move.  There have been times he has been bullied at the playground and he doesn’t hit back he just looks at the kid blankly and lets out the terrifying scream, you know like the ones you hear in the horror films just before the big scary scene.  Before I can get to him the bully typically runs away in fear.  Sure sounds funny, and I admit I do chuckle at how effective it is but on the flip side I work with him on taking a breath and using his words not his screeches.

Help me Give Big to Autism by joining my flash sale

I am running a 2 day flash sale in support of Autism Sept. 16-17th.  I will be donating a portion of my commission to Autism Big Give.  Go to and make sure to choose “Autism Big Give” party in the check out process.    Each day there will be a featured scent that will offer double rewards points.  I will be posting that information on the Burn Bling Facebook fan page –